Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Here's to a new year. It may be one of lots of "action" as we will have a teenager and a two year old in the same house. Oh boy. We're also down to one car seat. Yay. 

We had a good time traveling. No one was sick other than my back bothering me and being tired. We got to see the cousins on the Wetmore side. The girls had a great time with Lillie and Lauren sleeping over. I got to watch Nathan at church on Sunday. He's a cutie pie. He and Isaac loved emptying the bin of balls, me rolling them on the floor and then they picking them up. We did that over and over. Eli also got her favorite of fish (jk) on Sunday for lunch. Erynn has had two cakes and cheesecake so far for her birthday. 

Well, my brain is getting pretty foggy here. See you next year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Looks

Erynn, Boogie and I had a few minutes to spare, so we got a few pics done. What do you think??

My, what big cheeks you have!         
And what pretty teeth, Mama!
Boogie has a big head now...
Chilled out...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun With Friends

All four kids spent the night last Friday night with friends. This lady definitely has more energy than I do and a lot more daring! Not only did she take on my four (one being a toddler), she had her two AND she took them out places! She, without her husband, took 6 kids and a toddler out to eat, to the bookstore and on a sleigh ride! It was all the Wetmores' first sleigh ride to my knowledge - which isn't much these days! I've been in such a fog lately. 

Eddie and I went to his office Christmas party that Friday night. It was nice to put faces with names finally. We did a white elephant gift. I must say, one of the things we brought was a hit. It was the Happy Feet penguin. It's been sitting in our basement with everything else in the world for several years now. Several people stole it from each other, but I think Eddie's co-worker Wendell ended up with it. I got a toilet seat (yes, I wanted it - but pooey, it doesn't fit!) and a real wreath that one of the ladies there makes from her tree farm. People kept stealing from Eddie over and over, but he finally ended up with a Ralph Lauren blanket - Carolina blue, of course. 

Saturday, we slept in until 8:00 (ha ha), and meant to go out for breakfast since we never do that, but we didn't get out of the house until 10:30, so we did lunch instead. Then we went looking for stocking stuffers for the girls. We ended up not finding anything for them, but for me instead! Oh, we did find one thing for Erynn that she really needs. I ended up getting 3 shirt/sweaters, a pair of flip flops for $5 and some Nike running shoes for $16.50 at Kohls! We went to Linens-N-Things to see what they had left. I wanted to get new towels for our bathroom, but I couldn't find enough of one color. By the end of the night - after we picked up the kids - we went to another L-N-T and bought them new sheets and duvet covers for their beds and a massage seat. It was supposed to be for my back, but I think Eddie spends more time on it than I do! Even Isaac crawls up on it. 

Emi, Eli and I went shopping last night for Erynn's birthday present from me. I got her a new outfit from Justice (everything was 40% off - TTL). I ended up not being able to wait to give it to her, so she opened it last night. Seeing her face as she opened up the last of the 3 boxes was priceless. She got so excited to see the light jacket with the brown fur on the hood. She was wanting one of those. :o) In twelve days, she'll be 8! No more carseat - even though it might be better for her height if she stays in it. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost Time

It's almost Christmas! On the one hand, I feel ready; on the other hand, I feel a bit panicked. We have our yearly tradition ready other than one gift, but we don't have the girls' stuff yet. And I have no clue what to put in their stockings this year. I usually put practical things in there, but they don't need a bit of it. Hmmm...

I got zapped today at the chiro. It feels so much better now. They put these electrical stimulators on my left elbow, which has been sore for about two weeks or so now, while I was on the aqua massage bed. Now if they could do my right hand...

Isaac said his name much clearer today.:o) He has spent the day playing doggy day care with his sisters. This evening, he had a fashion show with Erynn. He was having the greatest time leading Erynn up and down the hallway. :o) We also got to meet Daddie for lunch today. As we got out of the car, he said, "Fye! Fye!" (Fry) For a boy who won't eat potatoes any other way, he sure loves his fries. He also went in the playspace with the sissies. He's not even afraid of the slide anymore. 

Sam is enjoying a multitude of treats lately. He's gotten into a present we had wrapped for someone (actually two now that I think about it), candy the girls have left laying around here and there... one night he got sick enough to be put outside for awhile. Ick. I think it was Smarties or Milk Duds. I wanna know where he found Milk Duds as I love them and thought I had eaten them all. 

We did make it to the Joel Lane House last Sunday after church (and Mellow Mushroom, Granny). It's a small historical place in downtown Raleigh that I never even knew was there. The program was "A Colonial Christmas". The girls got to write their names in real indigo ink and see toys that kids would have played with in the 1700's. As we visited the exterior kitchen/slave quarters, Eli got to churn butter while the man talked. He held up several things asking the kids what they thought they were. I even got a couple right :o). They also got to see candles made the old way. Eddie enjoyed talking to a guy with a gun outside; we went into the gift shop instead. Too cold and windy! Bubbie did get to shoot at a soldier with a little wooden gun that used rubber bands - kind of like a slingshot/gun mixed. He actually got the hang of it, too. Everyone in the main house was intrigued by their American Girl dolls that they brought (yes, Granny, I let them bring them ;oP), but they weren't allowed to put them down on any furniture when they did any crafts. They tried their hands at making rag dolls. Doesn't quite compare to a $100 doll, does it? 

The girls' tree looks great in their room with all of Poodah's Hallmark ornaments. However, the girls forget to shut their door and thus, Boogie gets in there. He's broken about 4 so far. He hasn't messed with the JESUS tree ones too much until today. 

Well, off to more Christmas cards and such.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Boogs said his first sentence yesterday or the day before! He said, "Ery (Erynn) go go bye bye." We were waving good bye to them as they left for church. I was staying home with him as we didn't want to share his diaper contents with the nursery, nor do we want any more germs right now. I guess it had to have been Wednesday since they were leaving for church. Yesterday he said, "DaDa hi 'side." That would mean, "I want to go outside to say hi to DaDa." Eddie was just coming home from work. 

We decorated the tree tonight. Isaac was very interested in putting on ornaments. Sam also decided to be a snoop doggy dog today. I had put some friends gifts under the tree in the girls' room to keep them out of Isaac's hands, but Sam decided to inspect them himself. He only got into one, but it was the one where I needed the most of the items! Sam, Sam, Sam...

I'll try to get a pic of the tree up soon. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Pics

Here are some pics I took while I was trying to get a pic for the Christmas cards. Let's just say Boogs was not at his finest by the end of this...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Erynn doing some lessons...

Zacipoo's favorite word...

Bible study train...

Not a whole lot new to report other than we've seen TWO snows already and it's not even Thanksgiving. Maybe for Christmas? What's Christmas without snow??? I know, Granny...  The girls were excited to wake up to the snow. Even though it was freezing outside, they rushed outside - some even in pj's to taste and see the snow. Even Boogs liked it. 

We have been doing something totally new for us. We're not only doing Christmas cards this year, but we're making them! I got some scrapbook materials, and I already have cardstock, so ... now we just need to take a pic of the girls and Boogs. I found a sleigh up at the Farmer's Market that would make a great picture if I can find a day and a time that will work with the temperature. Eddie, however, has already shown me up on the cards. 

It's already time for Thanksgiving. Wow. This year has gone even faster than all the others before. I sure am ready for some homemade biscuits, mashed potatoes, GRANNY'S homemade pecan pie and tea! ;oP  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Wedding

This is one of Erynn's pics - notice the gymnastics theme?
How well do you think Is has the girls wrapped around his finger? Erynn is toting Is around in a netted suitcase type thing.
Here's Boogie in the bottom part of his new slide thingie.

Well, the pic downloaded much easier, but I couldn't get any text below the picture. Hmmm...
The picture was of John the Elephant and Sandy the Rhino's wedding. It was a big affair held outside the mansion on Colony Drive. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, but I didn't take the picture ;o). Elisha claims responsibility for it. Sorry if you missed it or weren't invited, but I wasn't either, so I couldn't let you in on it. 

Other than the celebrity wedding, life is about normal here. Still very little cleaning going on here no matter how hard I try. The girls are studying China at the moment. Due to a backordered book at Sonlight, we had to make a quick switch while we were studying Japan. It confused all of us for a while. Now we're missing one book from China, but I had a sub for it. Ask them how their Eastern Hemisphere Explorer is going. I think it's cool; they have a project to do with each country they explore/research. The hard thing is fitting it in! Their science this year is about anatomy with a 9 week study on survival skills at the end.

Erynn and I are having a good time learning about water in science. At least her experiments are simple enough for me. We just finished a book on William Tell - whom I knew nothing about except for the WT Overture. He was a pretty cool dude as was his son. We're reading a lot of poetry, too. Her reading skills are getting better and better. She's now at the point where she even wants to read the read-alouds to me. She's also taken a fancy to the Boxcar Children series, which are chapter books like the girls would read. 

Isaac is still talking away. Had his first bloody nose today. Fell on something at church. Has decided that Eddie is now "Mama" as well. Da-yee is too close to Ta-yee for his liking. He also rode his first pony, and I missed it :o(! He went to the Fall Fair last night. Tried cotton candy, too. He dressed up as Elmo and took his Elmo baby doll with him. We tried to dress him up in a monkey suit and a giraffe suit, but he didn't want to. The monkey was so cute as it was a full body one; Elmo and the giraffe were only top half costumes. We also found out he likes ranch dressing, but not Italian singers - at least, not ones close to him. We went to our friends' restaurant on the 31st, and Jerry's dad was singing in Italian. Now, Is knows him, but when he starts to sing, Is starts to cry! There was also another singer there, but he sang in English. Is was okay with Carmine. Go figure. Carmine also took a liking to Erynn - had her dance with him twice! Go Erynn! 

Erynn is also sporting a new do. I cut her hair for part of her costume on Saturday. It's a straight bob. I left her a little rat tail (temporarily) and let her show it to her daddy. She had gone with me to get mine cut (it had been since before the beach that I last got around to getting it cut!), and I showed her the new bob where it is layered in the back. She liked it and wanted it, but David didn't have time, and I don't know how to layer... Granny? Gramma? 
Emi goes Monday for a retie on her braces. I think this is the last time before she gets them off. She should be free by Christmas! Now as for Erynn, they want to pull 6 of her teeth! Whoa! I called back for an explanation of that one! They want 2 of Eli's pulled. Is is still waiting on his canines and 2nd molars, but he did well for his first trip. He sat there the whole time, but he didn't like opening his mouth for her to brush. 

Trying Out Mac

Wanted to see if updating this is easier on the Mac. Let's try a picture:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trying to Catch Up

Trying to catch up when you're already behind is not an easy thing to do! Trying to get the house cleaned and make sure we're stocked up on food, plus homeschooling, trying to keep up with Wonder Boogs and two yappy dogs...

Speaking of Boogs, he is sprouting like a weed! Not only is he getting bigger (at least his feet are ;o) ), but he's learning so many new things I can't keep up with them! He is saying everything - not super clear, but I know what he's saying. He is saying things like:
cah (car - which stands for anything on wheels), shuuz (shoes), baah (bath), dink (stink - dirty diaper ;oO), ouw (outside), wah (walk), dop (stop), eee (eat), dow (dog), cuhr (color - wants to color), mo (more), bah (bye), tahyee (Taggie - his faithful taggie rags and lion), Mama, Dayee (this one is hard to decipher from Taggie, but it's Daddie), Mimi (Emily), YiYi (Elisha), Airee (Erynn), Za-ee (Sam), Oh-woh (Frodo), buh (book), ni-ni (night-night), rye (ride), sigh (slide) and, of course, No! I'm sure there's more, but I've been interrupted so many times now, I can't think straight anymore! :o)

The girls are doing well with gymnastics. They really like the place they're going even though the place I wanted them to go is a lot closer and nicer (better condition). The lady teaching them was there when Emi and Eli took it when they were 5 and 3. There's only one other girl in their class, so they get plenty of practice. Boogs will watch them through the window and say, " Guh (girls), Mimi! Guh, YiYi!" He knows he can't go in there, but he will sidle on over to the doorway and inch his way as close as he can. 

Emi and Eli are studying the Eastern Hemisphere on their own this year :o(. I miss learning the stuff with them, but it seems to be the best way to do it all. I help Erynn with her Core (World Cultures) and science and check her independent work. She reads her readers to me, and I read a book aloud to her. I also do the read-aloud with the other girls (I didn't want to miss out on these, and I wanted to do something with them.). They even check most of their own work. They are learning to research on the computer using a World Book cd-rom as well as the net. It looks pretty neat from the bit I've seen. I had heard mixed reviews on it from other Sonlighters, but I think it's cool. I wish I had the time to do it myself. Erynn has been doing some water experiments; they're really simple but neat nonetheless. Ask her to do the tissue one for you! The other girls are learning anatomy, I believe. Maybe I'll get a chance to read some of their stuff next month. 

Oh, the other big news is that Isaac has learned to climb the steps of the wooden playground out back! He can do both the ladder and the rock wall one, but his feet tend to get stuck in the narrow slats of it. Then he slides super fast down the slide! He loves it. He also uses the plastic one we bought him, but he won't go through the tunnel. He also knows "baw" (ball). He likes that I can dribble. He can kick it. 

The girls are still into their dolls and Webkinz. They're EVERYWHERE! Can't leave home without them! Boogs is still liking his farm and cars. We've given him some matchbox cars that he likes. He saw a train set at the Marbles Museum Friday, and he really seemed to like it. I think I'll look for a simple one for Christmas. BTW, Eli told me to tell you she has 25 Webkinz. If you're looking for Christmas ideas, any American Girl things or Webkinz or Webkinz clothes would be a great idea. Other than a new house to put them all in! 

I'll try to get some new pics posted, but first I have to find the camera!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time's a Flyin' but I'm Slowing Down :o)

Well, it's almost October, and I have yet to get the beach pics printed, nor the gifts I wanted made. I have tried though. My ever-dying computer is to blame, I believe. It won't recognize my pictures on Shutterfly. It's kind of hard to make a picture gift when you can't see the pictures!

Boogs is getting lots of choppers. He's almost running - speed walking, I'd say. We've already confused the poor boy with our wrestling around. He doesn't understand the difference between playtime and all the time. He wants to "hit" all the time! and everyone! He's saying lots of things. His favorite is "ea" for eat. Then "shooz" for shoes. "Ou" for outside, "wa wa" for drink, "bibee" for baby... He's learning body parts and likes cars, trucks and tractors. Farm animals and their sounds, too. He likes books! Yay! All four are "bookworms"!

Emi is at the close of braces. She should get them off by late November, early December. Then the retainer at night. She's done with Missionettes. She's doing a great job working with the Kinderchurch kids on Sundays. She's enjoying gymnastics now that we found her a cooler leotard. We've taken a little siesta from sewing, but I want to get her back to it.

Eli is so happy we're going back to Sonlight. It gives her plenty to read. She's also loving gymnastics. This is her last year in Missionettes; her last year to go to the sleepover. She and Emi both are picking up cooking - yay! Eli likes to bake; Emi is more the breakfast lady - complete with candles.

Erynn is now on high calcium alert. The ortho said her teeth aren't coming out fast enough; usually a sign of not enough calcium. They all need more anyway. She is taking gymnastics as well. There's one other girl in the class, so they get plenty of time to practice. She is doing a great job with Boogie as well. She and he will take the doll stroller and push each other around the hall. She's very animated with him.

Sam is as crazy as ever. I took him out tonight for potty time, and he took off after a deer! Frodo is slowing down :o(; "hiding" more under the bed. They said his heart murmur is worse. :o( Sprinkles is still alive. I found out that they have a life span of 12-15 years if I'm not mistaken. Poor Sprinkles!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I do like doing the scrapbooks for the girls' crownings, but I sure don't like the pressure of a deadline! I'm almost done, and that's good since my hand is ready to fall off! I stayed home tonight to work on it. I was cutting letters out by hand - those precut letters at Joann's, Michael's and AC Moore look a lot better now!

It's hard to believe that Eli is done. It seems like lots of changes are happening now. Emi's officially done with choir, Eli is now done with Children's Church (and choir, too, I think). Emi is soon to be out of Friends on Wednesdays. Eli will do her last year this year. I have a break before Erynn gets there though.

Boogie is busy, busy, busy. He's taken to pulling at you to get you to go with him. I was working with Erynn on her first paper this afternoon, and Boogs comes up and pulls on her pants' leg. It was so cute. He started saying "Yah!" today for yes. He'll shake his head no for no. He's almost running; he's got the very fast walk down pat. No rest for some at the beach!

We did get the dogs to the vet for a check up finally. They said Frodo's heart murmur is considered severe now. :o( We can go to State and spend $600 to see a cardiologist to find out exactly what is wrong. They can treat it with meds, too, but they don't exactly know what is going on, so it's a shot in the dark. And it would affect his kidneys, too. Poor Fro. He has developed a cough from it. Sam is his usual crazy self. Sprinkles is still alive only by the grace of GOD. Now he needs a new light. Mimi, of course, is broke and in debt. ;oP

I'm off to bed as it's 11:00 and Boogs doesn't know the meaning of sleeping late! Oh, to sleep til 8:oo!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Granny, we've got two surprises for you when we meet on Wednesday!

Isaac is talking up a storm now. He'll cock his head and just babble off at you, looking for confirmation to what he's saying. It's quite comical. We're also having the "battle of mealtimes" right now. He wants to be rather picky about what he eats. Hmmmph!

We're getting ready for Elisha's crowing! Help! I need to finish her scrapbook! I'm only about halfway done! Eek! Oh, Eli woke up this morning saying, "Can I fix dinner tonight?" Are you kidding? Go for it! She made Greek chicken in the slow cooker! I didn't get to taste it yet, as Emi and I had to head out early, but Eddie said it was great! Go, Eli!

Erynn finally got a playdate by herself the other day. After ice skating, she went home with a friend from church. She did well trying out the ice skating, too.

I actually beat Eddie at something! We were playing Playstation 2 - Monkey Games, and I beat him at soccer! He beats me in everything else - except checkers and Sorry!, but I had no clue what I was doing really. Even Erynn beat me at Monkeyball baseball. Forget the bowling. I never even hit a pin. I did fairly well at pool though. Eli beat me though. :o( I was ahead the whole game til we got to the 8 ball!

Emi is doing well in her sewing. Her next project is going to be doll clothes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Things

Little Man is doing new things about every day now it seems. He finally said his version of Erynn - "Air-ee". He's getting TWO new molars but still no more front teeth. He is going round and round when he dances. He is giving lots of hugs - even to Frodo and Sam. Said Jesus but not very clearly. He's starting to learn animal sounds. Can do dog on his own, and beginning to do cat, cow and bee with help. :o) His cat sound is more like "moh" and the cow is "mmm". The bee is funny but I don't know how to write it!

The girls are getting all excited about birthdays coming up - American Girls and Webkins galore. Went to Mimi's Cafe for Mimi's birthday. Eli is more than ready for hers. I'm feeling a little pressure with all these birthdays and crowning on top of it! I need to get back to her scrapbook! Eek!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We scooted outside before the rain came this evening with Isaac. He likes to walk around and explore his surroundings. Well, he found his first lizard (brown anole?). Not only did he find it, he caught it by himself 3 times! And he didn't squoosh it to death either!

While we're at it, he also enjoyed MY ice cream cone. Eddie brought it to me in the den where I was sitting with Isaac on my lap (mistake #1). He dove right in! I let him hold it (mistake #2), but by that time, he was sitting on top of Eddie, so I didn't get ice cream all over me, but Eddie has some remnants on his t-shirt.

Eli and Erynn bought Isaac an Elmo doll baby today at church in the Buddy Bucks store. They saved up a 100 Buddy Bucks together to buy him this doll. It's a doll with an Elmo costume and Elmo bottle. He loves it. He's very protective of it, as a good daddy should be. He even feeds the baby the bottle and his own sippy cup. :o) I thought it was pretty sweet of the girls.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tagged By Susan

To show you my great ignorance, Susan, I've never been tagged before, and I sure don't have anyone to pass it on to! :oP But here's my answers:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Living in my little, tiny house in Fuquay with an almost 2 year old, getting ready to have big baby, Eli!

2. 5 items on my to-do list today:
What to-do list??? :op It's July 4th, Eddie's home, so whatever he and Erynn feel like doing, I guess. I need to catch up on their notebooks, but we'll see. I need to work on Eli's scrapbook, but probably not.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Cold Stone's Banana Strawberry Rendezvous, Duncan Hines brownies,
Chocolate and Peanut Butter ice cream (yummy, right, Granny?)

4. If I were a billionaire:
I would finally buy my farmhouse, I would pay for a yardman, a cook, a maid and give away the rest.

5. Where would I live?
I would have a mountain house and live closer to the families, making Susan and Suzanne and Sarah move with me!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


The pool has died! The ship has sunk. Eddie woke this morning to a pool with no water in it. Apparently, a seam decided to be no more. :o(

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life Under Our Roof

New Things

Getting ready for lots of new things. New curriculum, another crowning, lessons with a toddler and two middle schoolers and an elementary schooler, and all of Boogie's new antics.

Emi is getting taller and learning to sew. She made two pillows last night at her first lesson. Next is an outfit. Going to camp for the first time this week. I will miss her as she's my main Isaac helper.

Eli passed her crowning test! I've got all the pics turned in; now I just need to get the scrapbook finished. She's getting taller, too. Reading like a madman to finish up a reading thing the library sponsors. Every time I turn around, she's in a book. Sound familiar?

Erynn is really coming along with Isaac, too. She's a great playmate for him. I'm having to realize she's growing up as I add more to her lessons.

Boogie is growing lots. He plays hide and seek now with Emi. He fed himself with a spoon the other day. He's mostly off of baby food; just a few jars of Graduates left. He LOVES the bumpy ball Poodah bought him. I throw it across the room or down the hall, and he goes to get it. He also takes up a play phone and talks into it. He's almost ready to run, I think. He's at a very fast walk sometimes! He's experimenting with throwing things and banging, too. I'm wondering how long I'll get away with 2 naps... We're putting him to bed later, but he's waking up at 6:00 now. Ugh.

Frodo and Sam are the usual. Frodo wants to be by himself more these days. Oftentimes he'll go lay under the bed by himself. Sam, on the other hand, has to be near me at all times, under my feet. Sprinkles is still alive due to the kindness of his grandparents (Eddie and me). If not, he would starve and have no water! ;o)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Firsts

Boogie had his first real experience at a park today. Went to "Castle Park" for a few minutes before church. I wish I had known how sweltering it was before I offered that option, but... Anyway, he enjoyed walking on all the different foundations (whatever is under the kiddie swings, the wood beams, the bridges that swayed and gave way some...). He was a little afraid of the huge monster truck tires, but he did crawl through the tunnel; he has been afraid of those before.

While we were eating dinner, there were some guys behind us having a very LOUD conversation about which sports took more strength - whatever. It was very loud and sounded very ridiculous. I wasn't facing them, so I could smile and laugh, but Eli was facing them, so she had to hide her smile. Isaac, however, chimed right in offering his opinion. I don't know what it was, but it was loud right along with them.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but he's moved up to the toddler class. Sniff, sniff... I went in to pick him up tonight and he was standing at the end of the table with his bride-to-be Merci and another little girl doing puzzles. He was so cute. I think Merci and I will get along great. She comes right to me and wants me to pick her up. :o)

I wish it were easier to get pictures on here. I don't know where the cord is that I need to download pics onto his computer so I can burn a cd so I can put them on here. Sigh. You would have liked to have seen Isaac with his barrettes in his hair this morning. :oP

Monday, June 2, 2008


Boogie has finally learned to sign "more". The problem is that he uses it for EVERYTHING! :o) He makes this cute little sound with his voice that sounds like a question (intonation rises) and signs furiously. He wants it (whatever you have) and he wants it NOW. He's over the texture thing for sure. He even tried my Pepsi tonight! I thought for sure that would stop him from wanting to drink out of our drinks, but NOPE. He got this quizzical look on his face and then proceeded to sign more with that little sound again. We're going to have to hide all foods and drinks! Eat in secret! He doesn't fill up either! If he gets tired of it, he tries to throw it to the dogs.

He also has this baby doll the girls are so "graciously" letting him use. Tonight it was on the floor, and he covered it with Mickey Mouse's little blue blankie. It was cute.

The girls are really getting into the horse thing. Tonight they put on a show with their AG dolls and 3 horses (Eli just had to buy 2 more at Target the other day). You should see their room now. Homemade stalls, homemade beds, doll clothes everywhere. And they have to put their dolls to bed every night. Brush their hair, brush their teeth, etc.

Granny, I think they beat my record last time, though there are 4 of them and 1 of me. Our last number of library books was 100! One was mine. Four or so were Isaac's. The rest were the girls. And only two rechecks this time.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I almost forgot. The girls took their first horseback riding lessons this past Tuesday. These people teach them by trail riding. It was something to see them hop on the horse and just take off down the path. Erynn picked the biggest horse! She looked so small up there, but she was so proud and happy to be there finally. No one seemed scared. Now Elisha got her white horse (Lacy???), but her teacher went to get hers and Lacy wanted to go on! I was right there; no heart attacks needed. I told her to say "whoa" and pull the reigns. And she stopped right then. Maybe she just didn't want to get left behind. Emi rode Ben. She seemed to remember a lot from when she rode when she was 5. I would have taken a picture but all I had with me was my cell phone camera, and the pics would have been too small. Right now they are riding twice a month as hb riding is MUCH more expensive than dance or gymnastics! We'll have to see about the fall.

Little Man's Latest Accomplishments

Da Boogie Man has been very busy! He's walking fairly steady now. He still likes to push things in front of him, including his laundry basket to the laundry room for me! He also will clean up some toys when we sing the Barney "Clean Up" song. Yay, Isaac!

Thursday night we were at a friend's restaurant eating dinner. Now Boogie had been eating since 6:00 on the way there. He ate for 3 HOURS! He still didn't act full then! Apparently, he's over most of the texture thing. He was wanting everything he saw on our plates. He had two biter biscuits and puffs and cheerios on the way there, some of my tortellini and peas and ham, croutons, Eddie's spaghetti sauce and several pieces of bread. Afterwards, he shared the girls' ice cream from Cold Stone. Any monetary or food donations welcome! But my original point was that while we were sitting there, I asked him where was the baby (at a table two booths down). He pointed! His first point in response to a question! :o) Now, technically, the baby was not in the car seat like she had been previously, but he still knew she was there!

Last night he had his first run with the sprinkler. He didn't seem bothered by it at all. I remember the girls being scared to death of it.

He's also a man of many postures. In the car seat in the blue Suburban, he will slouch way down and contort his legs every which way or cross them in the seat. He also likes to lean to the left side. At home, he likes to sit on the step. He also loves to crawl in my lap to look at books. He's also taken to enjoying sleeping on top of Taggie with his tushy in the air and his feet curled up underneath him. So cute!

The girls are doing well. Lessons, except for math, are done. I'm busy trying to get ready for July's lessons and needing to pack up this year's stuff as well as buy any last minute things. The girls have really gotten back into the Generation Dolls and Amerian Girl dolls. They want to take them EVERYWHERE. To church, in restaurants, in the car...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life Under Our Roof

Summer's Comin'

I'm home with Isaac again. He was running a 102.7 temperature last night. Seems a lot better today. Sounds respiratory to me. Has one of those spasmodic coughs and sounds like it's in his chest.

On the bright side, he's getting 2 new teeth! The top 2 beside the front ones. He's also walking up a storm. He can walk from object to object now. He'll come and take your hands, so you can walk with him to wherever he wants to go. It's so incredibly funny to watch him though! He likes to walk with his hands up high in the air - like it gives him balance, maybe? He will also wave "bye bye" when you say it. He also says "baby" for me, but he won't do it in front of Eddie. He definitely has a preference for Elmo. I tried a couple of Barney videos. He didn't really care for them though he does like the theme song. Speaking of music, when we were at the girls' practice yesterday morning, they started singing their songs, and Isaac started be-bopping along. He knows the music as well as they do (we listen to it every SINGLE morning).

Erynn is also getting her teeth in. Her front ones. If you're looking at her, her right one is in and the other is trying to squeeze in. I still don't understand why we have to wait a year to begin her orthodontics treatment... She's a ribbon dancer in the musical. She told me she did well improvising yesterday when Mrs. Dawn was supposed to have moved the giant rock that Goliath rolls but didn't. :o) She is doing great in reading and in math. The word problems are a little tough for her to figure out, but she's getting there.

Emi is on her way to getting her braces off. But she has finally gotten her first cavity :o(. We go in this Wednesday for her first filling. She and Eli are cheerleaders in the musical. She's also in the ensemble, whatever that is. Hopefully, I'll get to see it tonight. And yes, for the very first time, I know you won't believe it, but ....
we're letting her go to camp this summer. Yes, I know. It is only for 3 days, and as it stands right now, there's probably more counselors going than kids. And I'm not one of them. :o)

Elisha is growing, growing, growing. She's almost caught up with Emi and they both wear the same size shoe - WOMEN'S 8! Ohh, my pocketbook. Gone are the days of a good cheap bargain on kid's shoes. She's been busy helping out with puppets at church as well as trying to get Pastor Jeff to let her do registration with the computers. She's faster than I am if she knows who they are.

The girls have all decided on what activity they want to do now. And, yes!!!, they all want to do the same thing. I didn't plan it that way, but I'm glad with gas prices the way they are. Initially, Erynn wanted to do gymnastics, Eli wanted to do piano again, and Emi wanted to do horses. Once Erynn found out they wouldn't have to race, she signed on with horseback riding. Eli decided to do it as well. We will be going on Tuesday afternoons down in Fuquay. And, hopefully, the only one I'll have to buy boots for is Eli. Erynn has a pair of hard, heeled shoes she can wear, and Eddie had found a pair of lariat boots that will fit Emi well. Eli will be excited to get NEW shoes as she is tired of hand-me-downs. I keep telling her they aren't hand-me-downs as they basically wear the same size now. They are hand-me-overs. :o)

As for the fall, I've almost decided on their lessons. I think I will enroll them in a creative writing class to see if she can get them to be more excited about writing.
Oh, Emi will also start taking sewing lessons this summer. If she does well, Eli will probably start. There's a lady at our church who makes her daughter's dresses - what do you call that pinched up material look? She does that really well. I don't expect that from Emi, but I want them to know the basics so they can make their own stuff if they want to. I wish I could!

Eddie is doing well in his job. He goes to TX for a day or so in June. Then somewhere in November.

Sprinkles is still alive. Can you believe it, Granny? Don't you want to rescue him? Frodo has been coughing a lot this week and constantly begging to get up on the couch. Sam, well, he's just crazy. There was one day I was actually ready to find him another home! He's both a career criminal and a garbage digger.

Me? I'm just tired and ready for a haircut. ;O)

Monday, May 5, 2008


This winter must be full of bugs! Isaac is down yet again with another bug. His fever this morning was 103.?. He started feeling hot yesterday at church. He was laying on the floor of the nursery with his tushy in the air, but he wouldn't go to sleep. Everybody thought he was tired. But when I went in there, he felt hot - like maybe 99. But as the day wore on, he made it up to 102.6. :o( I hear this one involves throwing up, but it hasn't happened yet :o).

Monday, March 31, 2008

Cutest Picture

This is a Leah(sp?)wig from Star Wars. Poor Isaac, but he's so cute!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Nothing much new to report right now. Isaac is teething again, I think. He is excited about his birthday; he really is. I was telling someone about his birthday party coming up with Elmo plates, and he started clapping!

Erynn is teething, too! Her front left tooth is finally coming through.

Mr. Sammy has had quite a day. He has stolen my brownies, finished off some ice cream someone left out and then added another scoop that someone spilled as they scooped it out. Oh, and let's not forget the candy package from somewhere. Then he had the nerve to bark for a treat tonight. Rrrggghhhh.

Emi made her second debut tonight as an evil demon. She and a friend ran down the aisles before they brought JESUS in to the song "Crucify HIM". They were dressed all in black with black tights over their heads, with capes flapping and lots of pointing to the audience. People said she did well; I couldn't see as I was out in the vestibule signaling them to go in.

Fred left for Florida tonight. Plane was delayed for unknown reasons. He says they have 3 pools at the hotel. :o( I wanna go!

Elisha, Isaac and I stayed home from church this morning. I think she just gets worn out sometimes (she was at a party last night). She laid on the couch all morning sipping her herbal tea, eating toast after watching Dr. Seuss' video about toast, and then she beat me at Scattergories. She also finished off my game of Chutes and Ladders with Erynn as Boogie wanted my attention. I actually don't know who won, now that I think about it! I kept having to slide down over and over again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Soap Operas

We're getting the funniest things out of our Bible studies lately. Today the subject of soap operas came up - I don't remember how. The main conversation was about credit cards. Go figure. Anyway, they were trying to define what a soap opera was. Here are their definitions:

Emi says a soap opera is a singing thing you do on stage; then a type of singing thing with comedians.

Eli asked if it was when you put soap in their mouth and sing opera.

Erynn had no comment.

Sam snored.

Frodo was in another room snoozing away as was Isaac.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pictures - YAY!

Yay! Eli's memory card fits in my copier, so I don't have to go through all the rigamarole I do with my own card. Yay! So here's a couple of pics from Eli's perspective:

I have no idea what this is about. Your guess is as good as mine.

I liked Boogie's facial expression on this one.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Think Isaac Is Talking

I've noticed it for a little while now, but I'm actually starting to think Isaac is saying stuff! He seems to be growing up so much faster than the girls. I think he says, "ni-ni" (night-night), "ah-duh" (all done), "nuh-nuh" (no no) and "daayee" (daddy). When I go in his room to put him down for his nap, he will say, "ni-ni" and shake his head no. I think I've even heard him say, "ni-ni ah-duh" meaning he didn't want to go to bed. Of course, he says, "daayee" a lot. :o)

He's still fascinated by the dogs. He'll peer into their faces while they're on the couch or ottoman. And he's finally starting to play with is toys some! He still prefers whatever you have, but at least he's picking them up now. He may be ready to drop a nap - OH NOOOO! I need that nap to get lessons done! He's started waking up at 6:00 instead of 7:00. NOOOO! Maybe it's his tooth coming in!

Emily Anna is really getting into her beads business. Too bad she doesn't have ready customers; they've set up shop in the basement. She's also getting quite proficient at her different hairstyles. She will make a good babysitter in a few years. She's getting lots of training now with Isaac and helping with 4's,5's & K's at church.

Elisha is still Elisha. You'll usually find her curled up somewhere with a book like I used to be. However, she's a speed reader; I was not. She is also refining her voices. They talk to each other in this funny "English" accent; she cracks me up with the things she says. She helps on the puppet team at church.

Erynn has quite a voice too, but what stands out to me about her is her singing and her prayers. She remembers things quite well and will faithfully pray for them, even of her own volition. She's also warming up to Boogie more and more. She can watch him now for a few minutes at a time. He likes to run through his new play gym with her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here's to the End of Mounds of Laundry!

I think we're finally over the ickies. Eddie still gets tired and doesn't have a great appetite, but he's up now. I took Isaac in today. He has an ear infection. I was thinking bronchitis as he sounds very crackly, but she called that something else... The girls still have a stray cough here and there; the dogs have decided to leave the floors alone. So after having done the sheets AGAIN yesterday, I think I'll give the washer a breather.

Isaac enjoyed flounder for lunch, not so much the baked potato. He did like the Wisconsin Cheese Potato Soup that Eddie made tonight while I was catching the girls up on their lessons. BTW, Erynn finished her math book today due to Elisha's not so gentle prodding! :o) Isaac also liked a breakfast bar type thing I gave him tonight. He was shoveling it in!

We had a good time tonight filling our Valentine mailboxes with notes for each other. Even Frodo and Sam got in on the act. Poor Sprinkles got left out, as did Epi (Eli's hamster). Melinda(Erynn's hamster) joined Reepicheep and Oreo yesterday in the little flowered graveyard. :o( Not sure what got her other than she had a spot on her underside and she was about 2 1/2 years old.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blustery Sunday

Hope you guys are doing well. Eddie is feeling a bit better. Still laying in bed most of the day, but getting up more than yesterday. He hasn't had the flu in a long time, he said. They gave him Tamaflu (sp?); it seems to be working well.

Isaac now has a cold, I believe. I thought it was teething, but I think now it's a cold. All the girls have a bit of a cold, too. Part of the bug??? I think he's going to have slow teeth to come in like Elisha. His top two teeth are there, bulging, with just a nick of white coming through. These past couple of days, he's really gotten into the dogs - like looking at them up close.

The girls are fine other than their froggy throats. I think Emi is recovered totally. It's hard to believe she should get her braces off this November. It doesn't seem like it's been two years. Erynn should be next in line to get that expander to correct her cross bite.

I thought the dogs were going to join us in the sick house, but apparently it was a one time issue. I won't go into details. :o)

Better go. Isaac is tired of window watching. The girls are outside climbing a tree.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Family Funny

Erynn and I were talking this morning (she's got the bug now) about going to the beach while reading a book of poems. One of the poems was about the beach and they made a car out of sand to sit in - it was so cool! We'll have to try it. So I was saying to her that we'll have to figure out how to teach Isaac to swim. She said, "Well, you could take him to the SPCA." :oP "The SPCA?" I said. "No, the UPS..." :oP I didn't know the postal system and the dog shelter gave kids swimming lessons! What she meant was the YWCA where I had them take lessons with a homeschool dad who rented the space there. I hope he's still doing it when Isaac is 4 (the youngest he'll do them). He had the others putting their head underwater the first day! We had tried with Emi for 2 years! Even Poppa had tried.
A cool thing happened yesterday, too. I was updating some friends on the health of our house and likened this bug we caught to a boll weevil since we had just heard a song about the harm/nuisances the boll weevil caused in the past. Well, my friend Kevin, e-mails me back and says his dad knows the guy who designed the "trap" they used to catch these bugs. How neat! He says we can set up an interview with them, too! The girls are supposed to do an interview for the Language Arts lesson. What timing. Now, we just need to get everyone well and get Eli home. She doesn't want to come home to all this yuck. Well! She did take a bulk of her work, but she's having a high time in High Point. Going to the movies, going to two basketball games - won the door prize at last night's, eating lunch with people, going to the hair dresser (or whatever you call them nowadays - cosmetologists???) with Granny. He asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said a cosmetologist and a model.He said she should be a model. There is one place I've heard of that I would consider sending them to for that sort of things. It emphasizes much more than what is normally taught in that arena. It talks about manners, and choosing your own style, etc. You have to be in 8th grade though.

She and the other girls are pretty insistent on the cosmetologist idea. They have it all set up - who will do the hair, who will do the nails, etc. :o). I'm looking forward to the discount, right girls??!! And I hope they get a masseuse there! Isaac better learn to walk soon, or I'll need a brace for my back sooner than later! This boy likes to eat (though he does have stronger preferences than the girls did from what I remember - which isn't saying much these days). He will eat a whole slice of bread, a couple of jars of baby food, some small chunks of whatever we're eating and drink at least half to a whole bottle of milk. He seems fine on cow's milk. Actually, I think the formula was what was constipating him before. We are doing organic for him though; I don't want to introduce those hormones to him at this age! He'd be a huge monster at the rate he's going. :o) He loves meat and bread. He will shovel the bread in faster than you can put it on the tray. He also loves to be "free". He likes to crawl all around. He figured out how to get down the steps last night. We bought him this crawl through toy for a birthday present and gave it to him early. He loves it, especially when Erynn will go through it with him. It's SO funny to watch. He also likes his ride on cars; took one to church the other day when we had a meeting, and one of the girls was pushing him down the hall. He had a blast. Caught all the other kids' attention, of course. His buddy, Jonathan, had to have a ride, too. He's a couple months younger, so he didn't quite get it as well (have to lift their feet a little). Maybe we should have named Isaac David instead (the story of Jon. & David in the Bible). Still no top teeth, but they are bulging.

PS - the girls love their comments from you guys on their blog and e-mail. :o) Maybe you could send one to Erynn at to cheer her up???

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ahh...the joy of laundry!

Schoolin' the Boys

Since Elisha is in HP, Emily Anna is sick and Erynn has already done her work, we thought we'd take our "free" time and give the boys an education. Who do you think learned the most? Sam is eyeing Erynn's math; Erynn is teaching Isaac about dogs (notice her location), and Frodo looks extremely excited about the new Kidsville paper.

Christmas pics

Just a little late here, but as Lu Hsun would say, "Better late than never!"

Friday, February 1, 2008

Family Site

Arghh!I already lost the first post! Anyway, I am hoping to give you guys a way to check in with us more often. Hopefully, pictures will be easier to put on here than at hsb. You can still check on the girls' sites. They love to get comments! (hint, hint)

Jeff & Betsy, Wesley & Liz, Rob & Amy, their own sites are as follows:
Emily Anna:

They also have e-mail. Would love to correspond with family via the written format (hint, hint Granny :o)).

Emily Anna:

Eddie's own is