Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Wedding

This is one of Erynn's pics - notice the gymnastics theme?
How well do you think Is has the girls wrapped around his finger? Erynn is toting Is around in a netted suitcase type thing.
Here's Boogie in the bottom part of his new slide thingie.

Well, the pic downloaded much easier, but I couldn't get any text below the picture. Hmmm...
The picture was of John the Elephant and Sandy the Rhino's wedding. It was a big affair held outside the mansion on Colony Drive. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, but I didn't take the picture ;o). Elisha claims responsibility for it. Sorry if you missed it or weren't invited, but I wasn't either, so I couldn't let you in on it. 

Other than the celebrity wedding, life is about normal here. Still very little cleaning going on here no matter how hard I try. The girls are studying China at the moment. Due to a backordered book at Sonlight, we had to make a quick switch while we were studying Japan. It confused all of us for a while. Now we're missing one book from China, but I had a sub for it. Ask them how their Eastern Hemisphere Explorer is going. I think it's cool; they have a project to do with each country they explore/research. The hard thing is fitting it in! Their science this year is about anatomy with a 9 week study on survival skills at the end.

Erynn and I are having a good time learning about water in science. At least her experiments are simple enough for me. We just finished a book on William Tell - whom I knew nothing about except for the WT Overture. He was a pretty cool dude as was his son. We're reading a lot of poetry, too. Her reading skills are getting better and better. She's now at the point where she even wants to read the read-alouds to me. She's also taken a fancy to the Boxcar Children series, which are chapter books like the girls would read. 

Isaac is still talking away. Had his first bloody nose today. Fell on something at church. Has decided that Eddie is now "Mama" as well. Da-yee is too close to Ta-yee for his liking. He also rode his first pony, and I missed it :o(! He went to the Fall Fair last night. Tried cotton candy, too. He dressed up as Elmo and took his Elmo baby doll with him. We tried to dress him up in a monkey suit and a giraffe suit, but he didn't want to. The monkey was so cute as it was a full body one; Elmo and the giraffe were only top half costumes. We also found out he likes ranch dressing, but not Italian singers - at least, not ones close to him. We went to our friends' restaurant on the 31st, and Jerry's dad was singing in Italian. Now, Is knows him, but when he starts to sing, Is starts to cry! There was also another singer there, but he sang in English. Is was okay with Carmine. Go figure. Carmine also took a liking to Erynn - had her dance with him twice! Go Erynn! 

Erynn is also sporting a new do. I cut her hair for part of her costume on Saturday. It's a straight bob. I left her a little rat tail (temporarily) and let her show it to her daddy. She had gone with me to get mine cut (it had been since before the beach that I last got around to getting it cut!), and I showed her the new bob where it is layered in the back. She liked it and wanted it, but David didn't have time, and I don't know how to layer... Granny? Gramma? 
Emi goes Monday for a retie on her braces. I think this is the last time before she gets them off. She should be free by Christmas! Now as for Erynn, they want to pull 6 of her teeth! Whoa! I called back for an explanation of that one! They want 2 of Eli's pulled. Is is still waiting on his canines and 2nd molars, but he did well for his first trip. He sat there the whole time, but he didn't like opening his mouth for her to brush. 

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