Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I do like doing the scrapbooks for the girls' crownings, but I sure don't like the pressure of a deadline! I'm almost done, and that's good since my hand is ready to fall off! I stayed home tonight to work on it. I was cutting letters out by hand - those precut letters at Joann's, Michael's and AC Moore look a lot better now!

It's hard to believe that Eli is done. It seems like lots of changes are happening now. Emi's officially done with choir, Eli is now done with Children's Church (and choir, too, I think). Emi is soon to be out of Friends on Wednesdays. Eli will do her last year this year. I have a break before Erynn gets there though.

Boogie is busy, busy, busy. He's taken to pulling at you to get you to go with him. I was working with Erynn on her first paper this afternoon, and Boogs comes up and pulls on her pants' leg. It was so cute. He started saying "Yah!" today for yes. He'll shake his head no for no. He's almost running; he's got the very fast walk down pat. No rest for some at the beach!

We did get the dogs to the vet for a check up finally. They said Frodo's heart murmur is considered severe now. :o( We can go to State and spend $600 to see a cardiologist to find out exactly what is wrong. They can treat it with meds, too, but they don't exactly know what is going on, so it's a shot in the dark. And it would affect his kidneys, too. Poor Fro. He has developed a cough from it. Sam is his usual crazy self. Sprinkles is still alive only by the grace of GOD. Now he needs a new light. Mimi, of course, is broke and in debt. ;oP

I'm off to bed as it's 11:00 and Boogs doesn't know the meaning of sleeping late! Oh, to sleep til 8:oo!

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