Thursday, February 7, 2008

Family Funny

Erynn and I were talking this morning (she's got the bug now) about going to the beach while reading a book of poems. One of the poems was about the beach and they made a car out of sand to sit in - it was so cool! We'll have to try it. So I was saying to her that we'll have to figure out how to teach Isaac to swim. She said, "Well, you could take him to the SPCA." :oP "The SPCA?" I said. "No, the UPS..." :oP I didn't know the postal system and the dog shelter gave kids swimming lessons! What she meant was the YWCA where I had them take lessons with a homeschool dad who rented the space there. I hope he's still doing it when Isaac is 4 (the youngest he'll do them). He had the others putting their head underwater the first day! We had tried with Emi for 2 years! Even Poppa had tried.
A cool thing happened yesterday, too. I was updating some friends on the health of our house and likened this bug we caught to a boll weevil since we had just heard a song about the harm/nuisances the boll weevil caused in the past. Well, my friend Kevin, e-mails me back and says his dad knows the guy who designed the "trap" they used to catch these bugs. How neat! He says we can set up an interview with them, too! The girls are supposed to do an interview for the Language Arts lesson. What timing. Now, we just need to get everyone well and get Eli home. She doesn't want to come home to all this yuck. Well! She did take a bulk of her work, but she's having a high time in High Point. Going to the movies, going to two basketball games - won the door prize at last night's, eating lunch with people, going to the hair dresser (or whatever you call them nowadays - cosmetologists???) with Granny. He asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said a cosmetologist and a model.He said she should be a model. There is one place I've heard of that I would consider sending them to for that sort of things. It emphasizes much more than what is normally taught in that arena. It talks about manners, and choosing your own style, etc. You have to be in 8th grade though.

She and the other girls are pretty insistent on the cosmetologist idea. They have it all set up - who will do the hair, who will do the nails, etc. :o). I'm looking forward to the discount, right girls??!! And I hope they get a masseuse there! Isaac better learn to walk soon, or I'll need a brace for my back sooner than later! This boy likes to eat (though he does have stronger preferences than the girls did from what I remember - which isn't saying much these days). He will eat a whole slice of bread, a couple of jars of baby food, some small chunks of whatever we're eating and drink at least half to a whole bottle of milk. He seems fine on cow's milk. Actually, I think the formula was what was constipating him before. We are doing organic for him though; I don't want to introduce those hormones to him at this age! He'd be a huge monster at the rate he's going. :o) He loves meat and bread. He will shovel the bread in faster than you can put it on the tray. He also loves to be "free". He likes to crawl all around. He figured out how to get down the steps last night. We bought him this crawl through toy for a birthday present and gave it to him early. He loves it, especially when Erynn will go through it with him. It's SO funny to watch. He also likes his ride on cars; took one to church the other day when we had a meeting, and one of the girls was pushing him down the hall. He had a blast. Caught all the other kids' attention, of course. His buddy, Jonathan, had to have a ride, too. He's a couple months younger, so he didn't quite get it as well (have to lift their feet a little). Maybe we should have named Isaac David instead (the story of Jon. & David in the Bible). Still no top teeth, but they are bulging.

PS - the girls love their comments from you guys on their blog and e-mail. :o) Maybe you could send one to Erynn at to cheer her up???

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