Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here's to the End of Mounds of Laundry!

I think we're finally over the ickies. Eddie still gets tired and doesn't have a great appetite, but he's up now. I took Isaac in today. He has an ear infection. I was thinking bronchitis as he sounds very crackly, but she called that something else... The girls still have a stray cough here and there; the dogs have decided to leave the floors alone. So after having done the sheets AGAIN yesterday, I think I'll give the washer a breather.

Isaac enjoyed flounder for lunch, not so much the baked potato. He did like the Wisconsin Cheese Potato Soup that Eddie made tonight while I was catching the girls up on their lessons. BTW, Erynn finished her math book today due to Elisha's not so gentle prodding! :o) Isaac also liked a breakfast bar type thing I gave him tonight. He was shoveling it in!

We had a good time tonight filling our Valentine mailboxes with notes for each other. Even Frodo and Sam got in on the act. Poor Sprinkles got left out, as did Epi (Eli's hamster). Melinda(Erynn's hamster) joined Reepicheep and Oreo yesterday in the little flowered graveyard. :o( Not sure what got her other than she had a spot on her underside and she was about 2 1/2 years old.

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