Friday, December 5, 2008


Boogs said his first sentence yesterday or the day before! He said, "Ery (Erynn) go go bye bye." We were waving good bye to them as they left for church. I was staying home with him as we didn't want to share his diaper contents with the nursery, nor do we want any more germs right now. I guess it had to have been Wednesday since they were leaving for church. Yesterday he said, "DaDa hi 'side." That would mean, "I want to go outside to say hi to DaDa." Eddie was just coming home from work. 

We decorated the tree tonight. Isaac was very interested in putting on ornaments. Sam also decided to be a snoop doggy dog today. I had put some friends gifts under the tree in the girls' room to keep them out of Isaac's hands, but Sam decided to inspect them himself. He only got into one, but it was the one where I needed the most of the items! Sam, Sam, Sam...

I'll try to get a pic of the tree up soon. 

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