Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Things

Getting ready for lots of new things. New curriculum, another crowning, lessons with a toddler and two middle schoolers and an elementary schooler, and all of Boogie's new antics.

Emi is getting taller and learning to sew. She made two pillows last night at her first lesson. Next is an outfit. Going to camp for the first time this week. I will miss her as she's my main Isaac helper.

Eli passed her crowning test! I've got all the pics turned in; now I just need to get the scrapbook finished. She's getting taller, too. Reading like a madman to finish up a reading thing the library sponsors. Every time I turn around, she's in a book. Sound familiar?

Erynn is really coming along with Isaac, too. She's a great playmate for him. I'm having to realize she's growing up as I add more to her lessons.

Boogie is growing lots. He plays hide and seek now with Emi. He fed himself with a spoon the other day. He's mostly off of baby food; just a few jars of Graduates left. He LOVES the bumpy ball Poodah bought him. I throw it across the room or down the hall, and he goes to get it. He also takes up a play phone and talks into it. He's almost ready to run, I think. He's at a very fast walk sometimes! He's experimenting with throwing things and banging, too. I'm wondering how long I'll get away with 2 naps... We're putting him to bed later, but he's waking up at 6:00 now. Ugh.

Frodo and Sam are the usual. Frodo wants to be by himself more these days. Oftentimes he'll go lay under the bed by himself. Sam, on the other hand, has to be near me at all times, under my feet. Sprinkles is still alive due to the kindness of his grandparents (Eddie and me). If not, he would starve and have no water! ;o)

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