Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun With Friends

All four kids spent the night last Friday night with friends. This lady definitely has more energy than I do and a lot more daring! Not only did she take on my four (one being a toddler), she had her two AND she took them out places! She, without her husband, took 6 kids and a toddler out to eat, to the bookstore and on a sleigh ride! It was all the Wetmores' first sleigh ride to my knowledge - which isn't much these days! I've been in such a fog lately. 

Eddie and I went to his office Christmas party that Friday night. It was nice to put faces with names finally. We did a white elephant gift. I must say, one of the things we brought was a hit. It was the Happy Feet penguin. It's been sitting in our basement with everything else in the world for several years now. Several people stole it from each other, but I think Eddie's co-worker Wendell ended up with it. I got a toilet seat (yes, I wanted it - but pooey, it doesn't fit!) and a real wreath that one of the ladies there makes from her tree farm. People kept stealing from Eddie over and over, but he finally ended up with a Ralph Lauren blanket - Carolina blue, of course. 

Saturday, we slept in until 8:00 (ha ha), and meant to go out for breakfast since we never do that, but we didn't get out of the house until 10:30, so we did lunch instead. Then we went looking for stocking stuffers for the girls. We ended up not finding anything for them, but for me instead! Oh, we did find one thing for Erynn that she really needs. I ended up getting 3 shirt/sweaters, a pair of flip flops for $5 and some Nike running shoes for $16.50 at Kohls! We went to Linens-N-Things to see what they had left. I wanted to get new towels for our bathroom, but I couldn't find enough of one color. By the end of the night - after we picked up the kids - we went to another L-N-T and bought them new sheets and duvet covers for their beds and a massage seat. It was supposed to be for my back, but I think Eddie spends more time on it than I do! Even Isaac crawls up on it. 

Emi, Eli and I went shopping last night for Erynn's birthday present from me. I got her a new outfit from Justice (everything was 40% off - TTL). I ended up not being able to wait to give it to her, so she opened it last night. Seeing her face as she opened up the last of the 3 boxes was priceless. She got so excited to see the light jacket with the brown fur on the hood. She was wanting one of those. :o) In twelve days, she'll be 8! No more carseat - even though it might be better for her height if she stays in it. 

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