Saturday, May 31, 2008

Little Man's Latest Accomplishments

Da Boogie Man has been very busy! He's walking fairly steady now. He still likes to push things in front of him, including his laundry basket to the laundry room for me! He also will clean up some toys when we sing the Barney "Clean Up" song. Yay, Isaac!

Thursday night we were at a friend's restaurant eating dinner. Now Boogie had been eating since 6:00 on the way there. He ate for 3 HOURS! He still didn't act full then! Apparently, he's over most of the texture thing. He was wanting everything he saw on our plates. He had two biter biscuits and puffs and cheerios on the way there, some of my tortellini and peas and ham, croutons, Eddie's spaghetti sauce and several pieces of bread. Afterwards, he shared the girls' ice cream from Cold Stone. Any monetary or food donations welcome! But my original point was that while we were sitting there, I asked him where was the baby (at a table two booths down). He pointed! His first point in response to a question! :o) Now, technically, the baby was not in the car seat like she had been previously, but he still knew she was there!

Last night he had his first run with the sprinkler. He didn't seem bothered by it at all. I remember the girls being scared to death of it.

He's also a man of many postures. In the car seat in the blue Suburban, he will slouch way down and contort his legs every which way or cross them in the seat. He also likes to lean to the left side. At home, he likes to sit on the step. He also loves to crawl in my lap to look at books. He's also taken to enjoying sleeping on top of Taggie with his tushy in the air and his feet curled up underneath him. So cute!

The girls are doing well. Lessons, except for math, are done. I'm busy trying to get ready for July's lessons and needing to pack up this year's stuff as well as buy any last minute things. The girls have really gotten back into the Generation Dolls and Amerian Girl dolls. They want to take them EVERYWHERE. To church, in restaurants, in the car...

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