Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time's a Flyin' but I'm Slowing Down :o)

Well, it's almost October, and I have yet to get the beach pics printed, nor the gifts I wanted made. I have tried though. My ever-dying computer is to blame, I believe. It won't recognize my pictures on Shutterfly. It's kind of hard to make a picture gift when you can't see the pictures!

Boogs is getting lots of choppers. He's almost running - speed walking, I'd say. We've already confused the poor boy with our wrestling around. He doesn't understand the difference between playtime and all the time. He wants to "hit" all the time! and everyone! He's saying lots of things. His favorite is "ea" for eat. Then "shooz" for shoes. "Ou" for outside, "wa wa" for drink, "bibee" for baby... He's learning body parts and likes cars, trucks and tractors. Farm animals and their sounds, too. He likes books! Yay! All four are "bookworms"!

Emi is at the close of braces. She should get them off by late November, early December. Then the retainer at night. She's done with Missionettes. She's doing a great job working with the Kinderchurch kids on Sundays. She's enjoying gymnastics now that we found her a cooler leotard. We've taken a little siesta from sewing, but I want to get her back to it.

Eli is so happy we're going back to Sonlight. It gives her plenty to read. She's also loving gymnastics. This is her last year in Missionettes; her last year to go to the sleepover. She and Emi both are picking up cooking - yay! Eli likes to bake; Emi is more the breakfast lady - complete with candles.

Erynn is now on high calcium alert. The ortho said her teeth aren't coming out fast enough; usually a sign of not enough calcium. They all need more anyway. She is taking gymnastics as well. There's one other girl in the class, so they get plenty of time to practice. She is doing a great job with Boogie as well. She and he will take the doll stroller and push each other around the hall. She's very animated with him.

Sam is as crazy as ever. I took him out tonight for potty time, and he took off after a deer! Frodo is slowing down :o(; "hiding" more under the bed. They said his heart murmur is worse. :o( Sprinkles is still alive. I found out that they have a life span of 12-15 years if I'm not mistaken. Poor Sprinkles!

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