Sunday, March 16, 2008


Nothing much new to report right now. Isaac is teething again, I think. He is excited about his birthday; he really is. I was telling someone about his birthday party coming up with Elmo plates, and he started clapping!

Erynn is teething, too! Her front left tooth is finally coming through.

Mr. Sammy has had quite a day. He has stolen my brownies, finished off some ice cream someone left out and then added another scoop that someone spilled as they scooped it out. Oh, and let's not forget the candy package from somewhere. Then he had the nerve to bark for a treat tonight. Rrrggghhhh.

Emi made her second debut tonight as an evil demon. She and a friend ran down the aisles before they brought JESUS in to the song "Crucify HIM". They were dressed all in black with black tights over their heads, with capes flapping and lots of pointing to the audience. People said she did well; I couldn't see as I was out in the vestibule signaling them to go in.

Fred left for Florida tonight. Plane was delayed for unknown reasons. He says they have 3 pools at the hotel. :o( I wanna go!

Elisha, Isaac and I stayed home from church this morning. I think she just gets worn out sometimes (she was at a party last night). She laid on the couch all morning sipping her herbal tea, eating toast after watching Dr. Seuss' video about toast, and then she beat me at Scattergories. She also finished off my game of Chutes and Ladders with Erynn as Boogie wanted my attention. I actually don't know who won, now that I think about it! I kept having to slide down over and over again.

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