Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost Time

It's almost Christmas! On the one hand, I feel ready; on the other hand, I feel a bit panicked. We have our yearly tradition ready other than one gift, but we don't have the girls' stuff yet. And I have no clue what to put in their stockings this year. I usually put practical things in there, but they don't need a bit of it. Hmmm...

I got zapped today at the chiro. It feels so much better now. They put these electrical stimulators on my left elbow, which has been sore for about two weeks or so now, while I was on the aqua massage bed. Now if they could do my right hand...

Isaac said his name much clearer today.:o) He has spent the day playing doggy day care with his sisters. This evening, he had a fashion show with Erynn. He was having the greatest time leading Erynn up and down the hallway. :o) We also got to meet Daddie for lunch today. As we got out of the car, he said, "Fye! Fye!" (Fry) For a boy who won't eat potatoes any other way, he sure loves his fries. He also went in the playspace with the sissies. He's not even afraid of the slide anymore. 

Sam is enjoying a multitude of treats lately. He's gotten into a present we had wrapped for someone (actually two now that I think about it), candy the girls have left laying around here and there... one night he got sick enough to be put outside for awhile. Ick. I think it was Smarties or Milk Duds. I wanna know where he found Milk Duds as I love them and thought I had eaten them all. 

We did make it to the Joel Lane House last Sunday after church (and Mellow Mushroom, Granny). It's a small historical place in downtown Raleigh that I never even knew was there. The program was "A Colonial Christmas". The girls got to write their names in real indigo ink and see toys that kids would have played with in the 1700's. As we visited the exterior kitchen/slave quarters, Eli got to churn butter while the man talked. He held up several things asking the kids what they thought they were. I even got a couple right :o). They also got to see candles made the old way. Eddie enjoyed talking to a guy with a gun outside; we went into the gift shop instead. Too cold and windy! Bubbie did get to shoot at a soldier with a little wooden gun that used rubber bands - kind of like a slingshot/gun mixed. He actually got the hang of it, too. Everyone in the main house was intrigued by their American Girl dolls that they brought (yes, Granny, I let them bring them ;oP), but they weren't allowed to put them down on any furniture when they did any crafts. They tried their hands at making rag dolls. Doesn't quite compare to a $100 doll, does it? 

The girls' tree looks great in their room with all of Poodah's Hallmark ornaments. However, the girls forget to shut their door and thus, Boogie gets in there. He's broken about 4 so far. He hasn't messed with the JESUS tree ones too much until today. 

Well, off to more Christmas cards and such.

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