Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Barrage of Pixs

It seems I've passed on the photography bug to my munchkins - who aren't so munchkinish anymore. Emi's got 1/2 and inch til she meets me; Eli a few inches. Isaac is already up to my ribs. :(

Anyway, here's some pix they've taken recently:

Some of Emi's jewelry:

 Daddie gettin' his groove on:

 Trying out my donut maker with eggs:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nicaragua Pix

Here's some pix of Mimi's and Eli's first mission trip to Nicaragua!

 Nicaraguan nature walk

 Mr. Coleman being his usual ornery self!

 Getting ready

 Stay hydrated!

 Cutie patootie!

Eli's day as a clown!
The bus
 The compound

 The team

 Check out the trees!

 Home sweet home

 Another cutie pie!

At the airport


Monday, August 8th, Mims and I headed to our local DMV bright and early in the morning. 8:30 to be exact. After figuring out how to check in thanks to another kind patron, our numbers were soon called. BTW, it's a good thing to have an appointment! It goes a lot faster.

Mims was called up first; I handed off her paperwork and fielded an orthodontist phone call. Then she went to take her test. Then I took mine to renew my license. Yay, I passed! After paying for mine - thankfully, I had some of my kids' money with me as I thought the renewal fee was $4 - ha ha - that's $4 per year, thus $32! - I then got my mug shot and proceeded to wait on Mimi to finish.

I just couldn't tell how she was doing. But when I saw the lady hand her a paper to sign, I knew she had passed! Woo hoo! Uh oh! (insert nervous laugh here) She got her picture done, we got our temporary papers, and we were off! I can't tell you how nervous I was getting into the passenger side!

We ran by the banks and then home. She did well. No major incidents or heart stopping moments. Just a little rusty since her driver's ed was back in April. She's even driven with all the kids in the car (think of two giggling girls and a loud, emotional 4 year old boy). She drove Daddie and Isaac to BJ's in Cary the other night. Her common question now is, "Don't you have some errands to run? I could drive you!"  :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

A New Twist to the Creation Story

I can honestly say I've never heard this version of the story of creation. Isaac asked me at lunch today if I knew that GOD had everybody in HIS tummy! He first said GOD had to do it all HIMSELF, but then he changed course and said a farmer, no a doctor, no an ambulance man helped GOD deliver everybody. He said GOD had a really fat tummy! LOL

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tick, Tick, Tick

Time keeps ticking away! Can it really be that it's now mid-June, and I haven't posted since February? I remember growing up, and time surely creeped by. Nowadays, I think I'm on an Amtrak stuck in high gear!

So what's been going on? Let's see:
1. Mims is less wise (ha ha) with the removal of all four wisdom teeth. She suddenly became a lot more expensive though! LOL
2. YiYi decided to join in the fun and just had a frenectomy done on Monday - having the flap of skin between her lip and gum trimmed with a laser. Ouch! Gotta hand it to her - only one pain pill and a couple of doses of ibuprofen.
3. New do's for YiYi and Evi Lou Who:

You can't tell it so much by the pix, but Erynn's is a stack cut and Eli has layers and long bangs. Both have blond highlights. I wish I had the cosmetology gene! They look so much better with a good hair cut! All I can offer is the straight trim. 

4. Mims has completed driver's ed. Waiting on her 15th birthday and her return from Nicaragua. Can I really have a 15 year old in my house?
5. Mims and YiYi are getting ready to go overseas for their first missions trip! I'm excited for them and praying that GOD will open their eyes to see what the rest of the world is really like.
6. Little Man isn't so little any more. He may soon catch up to Erynn! I woe the day he gets taller than me! Speaking of which, Mims is right there! No! No! No!
7. Little Man is now taking swimming lessons from the man who taught the other three to swim. Mr. Finneran still has that magic touch - getting Isaac to put his head in the water on the first day after three sessions at the Y last summer to try to accomplish the same thing!
8. The oldest three are in full teenager mode - wanting to stay up late and sleep in. Didn't Isaac get the memo???
9. High school is upon us. (nervous laugh inserted here)
10. Red Honda (think Christine in the old movie - has a mind of its own - loves to set the alarm off on me at its own choosing) is running again after a two year stint in the back yard. Now for the Blueberry. And to get the AC in the Shammy running again...this ol' lady sure is hot natured now!
11. We actually have a growing garden now! Bubs and I make our every other day trips to pick giant cucumbers and a handful of tomatoes. We're also watering and Miracle-Gro(w)ing our vincas that have seriously multiplied in the flower beds. The poor verbena are being overtaken!
12. YiYi sent off her pix for the photo project she entered - similar to Erynn's Sketchbook Project.
13. Isaac attended his first VBS this week. I didn't go for the first time in years - though the second night I stayed there and did some work in the one unused room since the first night they ended up calling me about his tummy hurting.
14. Could it be that I'll finally see Mickey again after 35 long years? Big Daddie wants to go to Disney for my birthday. :) Will I survive the drive down?!?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How We Have Dreams

Ziggy and I were laying on his bed after nap today, and he was drinking his water from his sippy cup while laying down. I asked him how he did that. He told me that's how you remember your dreams. It (the dream) goes up in your brain and then down into your mouth and then back into your brain so you can dream it a second time. Just thought you might want to know!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ten Times the Fun!

Although Erynn turned ten in December, we didn't get to her party until mid-to-late January. I think she had a good time - 12 kids, 1 super-large oreo cookie cake, and a mall trip to boot. They created their own fashion show as entertainment Friday night.

Meanwhile I-Man was being treated like a royal prince at the Reed's house. Here's he is enjoying time with Molly & Ziggy and reading with Mr. Reed. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Ol' George

After months of waiting, we finally got around to seeing the George Washington exhibit at the history museum last Saturday while Eddie was off at Caswell. I can't say I learned too much as I was busy with the Booger, but we got lots of pictures!

 The resolution on these isn't great, but these statues were so lifelike!

 One of Ziggy's favorite parts was this fort scene.

 If I could only get warm...

 This was done by an elem/ms student. Impressive!