Sunday, May 18, 2008

Summer's Comin'

I'm home with Isaac again. He was running a 102.7 temperature last night. Seems a lot better today. Sounds respiratory to me. Has one of those spasmodic coughs and sounds like it's in his chest.

On the bright side, he's getting 2 new teeth! The top 2 beside the front ones. He's also walking up a storm. He can walk from object to object now. He'll come and take your hands, so you can walk with him to wherever he wants to go. It's so incredibly funny to watch him though! He likes to walk with his hands up high in the air - like it gives him balance, maybe? He will also wave "bye bye" when you say it. He also says "baby" for me, but he won't do it in front of Eddie. He definitely has a preference for Elmo. I tried a couple of Barney videos. He didn't really care for them though he does like the theme song. Speaking of music, when we were at the girls' practice yesterday morning, they started singing their songs, and Isaac started be-bopping along. He knows the music as well as they do (we listen to it every SINGLE morning).

Erynn is also getting her teeth in. Her front ones. If you're looking at her, her right one is in and the other is trying to squeeze in. I still don't understand why we have to wait a year to begin her orthodontics treatment... She's a ribbon dancer in the musical. She told me she did well improvising yesterday when Mrs. Dawn was supposed to have moved the giant rock that Goliath rolls but didn't. :o) She is doing great in reading and in math. The word problems are a little tough for her to figure out, but she's getting there.

Emi is on her way to getting her braces off. But she has finally gotten her first cavity :o(. We go in this Wednesday for her first filling. She and Eli are cheerleaders in the musical. She's also in the ensemble, whatever that is. Hopefully, I'll get to see it tonight. And yes, for the very first time, I know you won't believe it, but ....
we're letting her go to camp this summer. Yes, I know. It is only for 3 days, and as it stands right now, there's probably more counselors going than kids. And I'm not one of them. :o)

Elisha is growing, growing, growing. She's almost caught up with Emi and they both wear the same size shoe - WOMEN'S 8! Ohh, my pocketbook. Gone are the days of a good cheap bargain on kid's shoes. She's been busy helping out with puppets at church as well as trying to get Pastor Jeff to let her do registration with the computers. She's faster than I am if she knows who they are.

The girls have all decided on what activity they want to do now. And, yes!!!, they all want to do the same thing. I didn't plan it that way, but I'm glad with gas prices the way they are. Initially, Erynn wanted to do gymnastics, Eli wanted to do piano again, and Emi wanted to do horses. Once Erynn found out they wouldn't have to race, she signed on with horseback riding. Eli decided to do it as well. We will be going on Tuesday afternoons down in Fuquay. And, hopefully, the only one I'll have to buy boots for is Eli. Erynn has a pair of hard, heeled shoes she can wear, and Eddie had found a pair of lariat boots that will fit Emi well. Eli will be excited to get NEW shoes as she is tired of hand-me-downs. I keep telling her they aren't hand-me-downs as they basically wear the same size now. They are hand-me-overs. :o)

As for the fall, I've almost decided on their lessons. I think I will enroll them in a creative writing class to see if she can get them to be more excited about writing.
Oh, Emi will also start taking sewing lessons this summer. If she does well, Eli will probably start. There's a lady at our church who makes her daughter's dresses - what do you call that pinched up material look? She does that really well. I don't expect that from Emi, but I want them to know the basics so they can make their own stuff if they want to. I wish I could!

Eddie is doing well in his job. He goes to TX for a day or so in June. Then somewhere in November.

Sprinkles is still alive. Can you believe it, Granny? Don't you want to rescue him? Frodo has been coughing a lot this week and constantly begging to get up on the couch. Sam, well, he's just crazy. There was one day I was actually ready to find him another home! He's both a career criminal and a garbage digger.

Me? I'm just tired and ready for a haircut. ;O)

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