Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Here's to a new year. It may be one of lots of "action" as we will have a teenager and a two year old in the same house. Oh boy. We're also down to one car seat. Yay. 

We had a good time traveling. No one was sick other than my back bothering me and being tired. We got to see the cousins on the Wetmore side. The girls had a great time with Lillie and Lauren sleeping over. I got to watch Nathan at church on Sunday. He's a cutie pie. He and Isaac loved emptying the bin of balls, me rolling them on the floor and then they picking them up. We did that over and over. Eli also got her favorite of fish (jk) on Sunday for lunch. Erynn has had two cakes and cheesecake so far for her birthday. 

Well, my brain is getting pretty foggy here. See you next year!

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