Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Things

Little Man is doing new things about every day now it seems. He finally said his version of Erynn - "Air-ee". He's getting TWO new molars but still no more front teeth. He is going round and round when he dances. He is giving lots of hugs - even to Frodo and Sam. Said Jesus but not very clearly. He's starting to learn animal sounds. Can do dog on his own, and beginning to do cat, cow and bee with help. :o) His cat sound is more like "moh" and the cow is "mmm". The bee is funny but I don't know how to write it!

The girls are getting all excited about birthdays coming up - American Girls and Webkins galore. Went to Mimi's Cafe for Mimi's birthday. Eli is more than ready for hers. I'm feeling a little pressure with all these birthdays and crowning on top of it! I need to get back to her scrapbook! Eek!

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