Saturday, May 31, 2008


I almost forgot. The girls took their first horseback riding lessons this past Tuesday. These people teach them by trail riding. It was something to see them hop on the horse and just take off down the path. Erynn picked the biggest horse! She looked so small up there, but she was so proud and happy to be there finally. No one seemed scared. Now Elisha got her white horse (Lacy???), but her teacher went to get hers and Lacy wanted to go on! I was right there; no heart attacks needed. I told her to say "whoa" and pull the reigns. And she stopped right then. Maybe she just didn't want to get left behind. Emi rode Ben. She seemed to remember a lot from when she rode when she was 5. I would have taken a picture but all I had with me was my cell phone camera, and the pics would have been too small. Right now they are riding twice a month as hb riding is MUCH more expensive than dance or gymnastics! We'll have to see about the fall.

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