Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trying to Catch Up

Trying to catch up when you're already behind is not an easy thing to do! Trying to get the house cleaned and make sure we're stocked up on food, plus homeschooling, trying to keep up with Wonder Boogs and two yappy dogs...

Speaking of Boogs, he is sprouting like a weed! Not only is he getting bigger (at least his feet are ;o) ), but he's learning so many new things I can't keep up with them! He is saying everything - not super clear, but I know what he's saying. He is saying things like:
cah (car - which stands for anything on wheels), shuuz (shoes), baah (bath), dink (stink - dirty diaper ;oO), ouw (outside), wah (walk), dop (stop), eee (eat), dow (dog), cuhr (color - wants to color), mo (more), bah (bye), tahyee (Taggie - his faithful taggie rags and lion), Mama, Dayee (this one is hard to decipher from Taggie, but it's Daddie), Mimi (Emily), YiYi (Elisha), Airee (Erynn), Za-ee (Sam), Oh-woh (Frodo), buh (book), ni-ni (night-night), rye (ride), sigh (slide) and, of course, No! I'm sure there's more, but I've been interrupted so many times now, I can't think straight anymore! :o)

The girls are doing well with gymnastics. They really like the place they're going even though the place I wanted them to go is a lot closer and nicer (better condition). The lady teaching them was there when Emi and Eli took it when they were 5 and 3. There's only one other girl in their class, so they get plenty of practice. Boogs will watch them through the window and say, " Guh (girls), Mimi! Guh, YiYi!" He knows he can't go in there, but he will sidle on over to the doorway and inch his way as close as he can. 

Emi and Eli are studying the Eastern Hemisphere on their own this year :o(. I miss learning the stuff with them, but it seems to be the best way to do it all. I help Erynn with her Core (World Cultures) and science and check her independent work. She reads her readers to me, and I read a book aloud to her. I also do the read-aloud with the other girls (I didn't want to miss out on these, and I wanted to do something with them.). They even check most of their own work. They are learning to research on the computer using a World Book cd-rom as well as the net. It looks pretty neat from the bit I've seen. I had heard mixed reviews on it from other Sonlighters, but I think it's cool. I wish I had the time to do it myself. Erynn has been doing some water experiments; they're really simple but neat nonetheless. Ask her to do the tissue one for you! The other girls are learning anatomy, I believe. Maybe I'll get a chance to read some of their stuff next month. 

Oh, the other big news is that Isaac has learned to climb the steps of the wooden playground out back! He can do both the ladder and the rock wall one, but his feet tend to get stuck in the narrow slats of it. Then he slides super fast down the slide! He loves it. He also uses the plastic one we bought him, but he won't go through the tunnel. He also knows "baw" (ball). He likes that I can dribble. He can kick it. 

The girls are still into their dolls and Webkinz. They're EVERYWHERE! Can't leave home without them! Boogs is still liking his farm and cars. We've given him some matchbox cars that he likes. He saw a train set at the Marbles Museum Friday, and he really seemed to like it. I think I'll look for a simple one for Christmas. BTW, Eli told me to tell you she has 25 Webkinz. If you're looking for Christmas ideas, any American Girl things or Webkinz or Webkinz clothes would be a great idea. Other than a new house to put them all in! 

I'll try to get some new pics posted, but first I have to find the camera!

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