Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blustery Sunday

Hope you guys are doing well. Eddie is feeling a bit better. Still laying in bed most of the day, but getting up more than yesterday. He hasn't had the flu in a long time, he said. They gave him Tamaflu (sp?); it seems to be working well.

Isaac now has a cold, I believe. I thought it was teething, but I think now it's a cold. All the girls have a bit of a cold, too. Part of the bug??? I think he's going to have slow teeth to come in like Elisha. His top two teeth are there, bulging, with just a nick of white coming through. These past couple of days, he's really gotten into the dogs - like looking at them up close.

The girls are fine other than their froggy throats. I think Emi is recovered totally. It's hard to believe she should get her braces off this November. It doesn't seem like it's been two years. Erynn should be next in line to get that expander to correct her cross bite.

I thought the dogs were going to join us in the sick house, but apparently it was a one time issue. I won't go into details. :o)

Better go. Isaac is tired of window watching. The girls are outside climbing a tree.

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