Monday, July 28, 2008


Granny, we've got two surprises for you when we meet on Wednesday!

Isaac is talking up a storm now. He'll cock his head and just babble off at you, looking for confirmation to what he's saying. It's quite comical. We're also having the "battle of mealtimes" right now. He wants to be rather picky about what he eats. Hmmmph!

We're getting ready for Elisha's crowing! Help! I need to finish her scrapbook! I'm only about halfway done! Eek! Oh, Eli woke up this morning saying, "Can I fix dinner tonight?" Are you kidding? Go for it! She made Greek chicken in the slow cooker! I didn't get to taste it yet, as Emi and I had to head out early, but Eddie said it was great! Go, Eli!

Erynn finally got a playdate by herself the other day. After ice skating, she went home with a friend from church. She did well trying out the ice skating, too.

I actually beat Eddie at something! We were playing Playstation 2 - Monkey Games, and I beat him at soccer! He beats me in everything else - except checkers and Sorry!, but I had no clue what I was doing really. Even Erynn beat me at Monkeyball baseball. Forget the bowling. I never even hit a pin. I did fairly well at pool though. Eli beat me though. :o( I was ahead the whole game til we got to the 8 ball!

Emi is doing well in her sewing. Her next project is going to be doll clothes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Things

Little Man is doing new things about every day now it seems. He finally said his version of Erynn - "Air-ee". He's getting TWO new molars but still no more front teeth. He is going round and round when he dances. He is giving lots of hugs - even to Frodo and Sam. Said Jesus but not very clearly. He's starting to learn animal sounds. Can do dog on his own, and beginning to do cat, cow and bee with help. :o) His cat sound is more like "moh" and the cow is "mmm". The bee is funny but I don't know how to write it!

The girls are getting all excited about birthdays coming up - American Girls and Webkins galore. Went to Mimi's Cafe for Mimi's birthday. Eli is more than ready for hers. I'm feeling a little pressure with all these birthdays and crowning on top of it! I need to get back to her scrapbook! Eek!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We scooted outside before the rain came this evening with Isaac. He likes to walk around and explore his surroundings. Well, he found his first lizard (brown anole?). Not only did he find it, he caught it by himself 3 times! And he didn't squoosh it to death either!

While we're at it, he also enjoyed MY ice cream cone. Eddie brought it to me in the den where I was sitting with Isaac on my lap (mistake #1). He dove right in! I let him hold it (mistake #2), but by that time, he was sitting on top of Eddie, so I didn't get ice cream all over me, but Eddie has some remnants on his t-shirt.

Eli and Erynn bought Isaac an Elmo doll baby today at church in the Buddy Bucks store. They saved up a 100 Buddy Bucks together to buy him this doll. It's a doll with an Elmo costume and Elmo bottle. He loves it. He's very protective of it, as a good daddy should be. He even feeds the baby the bottle and his own sippy cup. :o) I thought it was pretty sweet of the girls.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tagged By Susan

To show you my great ignorance, Susan, I've never been tagged before, and I sure don't have anyone to pass it on to! :oP But here's my answers:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Living in my little, tiny house in Fuquay with an almost 2 year old, getting ready to have big baby, Eli!

2. 5 items on my to-do list today:
What to-do list??? :op It's July 4th, Eddie's home, so whatever he and Erynn feel like doing, I guess. I need to catch up on their notebooks, but we'll see. I need to work on Eli's scrapbook, but probably not.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Cold Stone's Banana Strawberry Rendezvous, Duncan Hines brownies,
Chocolate and Peanut Butter ice cream (yummy, right, Granny?)

4. If I were a billionaire:
I would finally buy my farmhouse, I would pay for a yardman, a cook, a maid and give away the rest.

5. Where would I live?
I would have a mountain house and live closer to the families, making Susan and Suzanne and Sarah move with me!