Sunday, June 22, 2008


The pool has died! The ship has sunk. Eddie woke this morning to a pool with no water in it. Apparently, a seam decided to be no more. :o(

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life Under Our Roof

New Things

Getting ready for lots of new things. New curriculum, another crowning, lessons with a toddler and two middle schoolers and an elementary schooler, and all of Boogie's new antics.

Emi is getting taller and learning to sew. She made two pillows last night at her first lesson. Next is an outfit. Going to camp for the first time this week. I will miss her as she's my main Isaac helper.

Eli passed her crowning test! I've got all the pics turned in; now I just need to get the scrapbook finished. She's getting taller, too. Reading like a madman to finish up a reading thing the library sponsors. Every time I turn around, she's in a book. Sound familiar?

Erynn is really coming along with Isaac, too. She's a great playmate for him. I'm having to realize she's growing up as I add more to her lessons.

Boogie is growing lots. He plays hide and seek now with Emi. He fed himself with a spoon the other day. He's mostly off of baby food; just a few jars of Graduates left. He LOVES the bumpy ball Poodah bought him. I throw it across the room or down the hall, and he goes to get it. He also takes up a play phone and talks into it. He's almost ready to run, I think. He's at a very fast walk sometimes! He's experimenting with throwing things and banging, too. I'm wondering how long I'll get away with 2 naps... We're putting him to bed later, but he's waking up at 6:00 now. Ugh.

Frodo and Sam are the usual. Frodo wants to be by himself more these days. Oftentimes he'll go lay under the bed by himself. Sam, on the other hand, has to be near me at all times, under my feet. Sprinkles is still alive due to the kindness of his grandparents (Eddie and me). If not, he would starve and have no water! ;o)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Firsts

Boogie had his first real experience at a park today. Went to "Castle Park" for a few minutes before church. I wish I had known how sweltering it was before I offered that option, but... Anyway, he enjoyed walking on all the different foundations (whatever is under the kiddie swings, the wood beams, the bridges that swayed and gave way some...). He was a little afraid of the huge monster truck tires, but he did crawl through the tunnel; he has been afraid of those before.

While we were eating dinner, there were some guys behind us having a very LOUD conversation about which sports took more strength - whatever. It was very loud and sounded very ridiculous. I wasn't facing them, so I could smile and laugh, but Eli was facing them, so she had to hide her smile. Isaac, however, chimed right in offering his opinion. I don't know what it was, but it was loud right along with them.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but he's moved up to the toddler class. Sniff, sniff... I went in to pick him up tonight and he was standing at the end of the table with his bride-to-be Merci and another little girl doing puzzles. He was so cute. I think Merci and I will get along great. She comes right to me and wants me to pick her up. :o)

I wish it were easier to get pictures on here. I don't know where the cord is that I need to download pics onto his computer so I can burn a cd so I can put them on here. Sigh. You would have liked to have seen Isaac with his barrettes in his hair this morning. :oP

Monday, June 2, 2008


Boogie has finally learned to sign "more". The problem is that he uses it for EVERYTHING! :o) He makes this cute little sound with his voice that sounds like a question (intonation rises) and signs furiously. He wants it (whatever you have) and he wants it NOW. He's over the texture thing for sure. He even tried my Pepsi tonight! I thought for sure that would stop him from wanting to drink out of our drinks, but NOPE. He got this quizzical look on his face and then proceeded to sign more with that little sound again. We're going to have to hide all foods and drinks! Eat in secret! He doesn't fill up either! If he gets tired of it, he tries to throw it to the dogs.

He also has this baby doll the girls are so "graciously" letting him use. Tonight it was on the floor, and he covered it with Mickey Mouse's little blue blankie. It was cute.

The girls are really getting into the horse thing. Tonight they put on a show with their AG dolls and 3 horses (Eli just had to buy 2 more at Target the other day). You should see their room now. Homemade stalls, homemade beds, doll clothes everywhere. And they have to put their dolls to bed every night. Brush their hair, brush their teeth, etc.

Granny, I think they beat my record last time, though there are 4 of them and 1 of me. Our last number of library books was 100! One was mine. Four or so were Isaac's. The rest were the girls. And only two rechecks this time.