Sunday, July 6, 2008

We scooted outside before the rain came this evening with Isaac. He likes to walk around and explore his surroundings. Well, he found his first lizard (brown anole?). Not only did he find it, he caught it by himself 3 times! And he didn't squoosh it to death either!

While we're at it, he also enjoyed MY ice cream cone. Eddie brought it to me in the den where I was sitting with Isaac on my lap (mistake #1). He dove right in! I let him hold it (mistake #2), but by that time, he was sitting on top of Eddie, so I didn't get ice cream all over me, but Eddie has some remnants on his t-shirt.

Eli and Erynn bought Isaac an Elmo doll baby today at church in the Buddy Bucks store. They saved up a 100 Buddy Bucks together to buy him this doll. It's a doll with an Elmo costume and Elmo bottle. He loves it. He's very protective of it, as a good daddy should be. He even feeds the baby the bottle and his own sippy cup. :o) I thought it was pretty sweet of the girls.

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