Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boogie Man Day

The girls flew the nest about 9:00 this morning. Yeah, second day of school and they already have a vacation day. Ha ha. Their friends are back from their cross-country travels, so being the nice mom I am, I let them go sleep over at their house.

That leaves Boogie Man and me and the doggies with a free day. I decided to take him to the free movies down at White Oak. I thought it was "Madagascar", but it ended up being "Cloudy...". He chose the seats - the very bottom of the upper section. There were just two seats there - one for him, one for me. He wanted a snack right away. I was afraid he was going to finish it before the movie even started, but he got into the first few minutes before he was done with his and started on mine.

We made it maybe halfway into the movie when he was ready to go. He said he'd rather watch it at home. He was done with snack, probably sleepy from the cold medicine I'd given him and didn't like the theater being dark. Towards the end he was getting scared from the storm and the sound being so loud. But he toughed it out.

We came home. He just finished about a 3 hour nap! Ha ha for Daddie tonight! I think we've successfully talked him out of going to the park in this oppressive heat. Instead, we'll go to a nice air-conditioned Chick-fil-a playspace. :)  If we can get ourselves going early tomorrow, maybe we can make it to the park! I might even get to the Y!

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