Monday, August 16, 2010

Beachy Thoughts

Why does packing for the beach take so much more effort than unpacking? That just seems weird! I get worn out just packing for the beach! I've broken it up by days, which is good for not feeling overwhelmed, but still to have to think of everything and find the time to do it amidst all the everyday stuff...

The girls are doing their own packing now, but still I have to double-check behind them to make sure they bring the appropriate and enough of the right things. Bubbie and I packed his stuff today. It was nice actually. He likes to be a strong man, so I let him carry the stuff and put it in the bag. He also helped me carry the beach towels and put them in the hamper. We combined some of the many bottles of lotion we have, and he threw away the empty ones. He brought me tissue paper when one of the bottles was spitting at me. :)  I think he's going to be a simple packer. When we were packing his toys, he didn't want to take all of everything. He wanted his Bible, one book, one car, and his container of Little People. Go dude! He is so excited about the beach! He says, "I wanna go NOW!"

The girls are excited in a different way. They think the grandest idea is to take off this week from lessons so that I can pack everything. lol

I imagine Sammy & Frodo will have a grand time at their dog sitter's house. Lots of attention, a backyard to roam in, maybe even a bath??? They don't seem to be anxious as we drop them off. They run right up to the door, walk on in and disappear within the house! Not even a good bye! (sniff, sniff)

My goal for the beach is to learn how to use Photoshop and read and catch up on the journals that I keep for the kiddos. I am so incredibly far behind on them, but one is caught up at least! Photoshop, well...I bought PS 6, and I still haven't learned to use it. Version 8 is out now, I believe! I did find a book on PS 4, so I'm hoping it will teach me the basics. I've tried using the guide on the computer, but I need it in front of me as I'm looking at PS, or I lose it.

Here's some pix of the girlies that they took with their friends. Getting taller and older...I can't believe Mims is almost ready for driver's ed! The LORD better get HIS guardian angels ready! :)

Here's one they took of Boogie Man:

Isaac was helping Daddie with some yard work. I was surprised he stayed out there the whole time. It was hot!

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