Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fresh Pages

Lots of new things are occurring around here. Emi has just turned 13 - a tried and true teenager. It's as though she just fell into the teen "mold" all of a sudden. She thinks everything is so funny (even when it's not) ;o). She goes around the house with her iPod Shuffle attached to her almost permanently with earplugs in place (or whatever you call them nowadays). Now you have to look through the house for her. Where has the little, chubby-cheeked, bouncy-curled, squeaky-voiced girl gone?

Elisha is set to turn 11 this Wednesday. She has nearly completed her first full double-digit year. She will have her gymnastics party next Saturday. That is her current obsession - gymnastics.

We are set to start our new lessons Monday. This will be our first year ever of doing separate lessons for each of them. Erynn will be studying World History and Eli will be doing the first core of the upper ancient world history while Emi will be doing the latter. Will Emi really be ready for high school next year??!!

On our way back from meeting the grandparents this past week, we stopped at the airport so Isaac could see the planes take off and land. We mostly saw them land with only one taking off. It scared him a little to hear the sound following the plane landing. I think he liked it though.

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