Sunday, March 22, 2009


Baby Boogs is no longer. Little Man is now two. :o( Where did my little (well, big) baby go? It's hard to believe it's all over. No more itty, bitty baby clothes; no more teeny, tiny shoes. No more crib soon, no more high chair soon. Today we took him into church for the first time without a stroller. I need him in the stroller! It's too hard to try to keep track of everything and everybody otherwise! He also went in the two year old class. Yeah! He's back with Jonathan :o). He actually pushed me out of the class, he wanted me to go... Well! I do miss seeing my little dude in back of me in the toddler's class.

He got his first Big Wheel last weekend for his birthday. He has been zooming all around the house on it. So have his sisters ;o9. Today we took it outside. He can't quite get the pedals yet. He also got a JayJay video. He likes it. He's going to be a traveling man with his cars/trucks/construction/planes affinities.

While in search of a special place to take him today, he fell asleep in the car. When we finally got somewhere, he was grumpy, so I held him in my lap. :o) He's usually too busy to do that anymore. :o( At least he likes to read though. That way he'll sit by me :o).

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