Friday, March 13, 2009

Park Days

We were taking advantage of the warm weather these past few days and exploring different parks, something we've not done much of these past years - I don't know why. My favorite is Crowder off of 10-10. Both the little people's and the big kids' playsets are right there together. We also ventured back to Lake Benson. I haven't been there in a long time! It had been redone last fall, and I had no idea. I like it a lot better now. Before the two playgrounds were separated. Of course, someone wanted to be on each one. We have also tried Bond Park. It's okay to me; a little big to watch 4 go in different directions. This past week we tried the park off Walnut in Cary. Both parts are close together, but apparently it's a teenage hangout after school. We had to share the swings and rocking horse things with them ;oP. There was also a boy there loudly singing the national anthem :o). We found one off Lake Wheeler, but we haven't made it there. The playset looks really cool, but the little people's part is up at the top of the hill, and the other is way down at the bottom. Hmmm... We also tried one off Kaplan and Kent in Raleigh, but they all came home with black stuff that still hasn't come off. 

BTW- Boogie's new word for the day was "sunshine"!

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