Thursday, August 11, 2011


Monday, August 8th, Mims and I headed to our local DMV bright and early in the morning. 8:30 to be exact. After figuring out how to check in thanks to another kind patron, our numbers were soon called. BTW, it's a good thing to have an appointment! It goes a lot faster.

Mims was called up first; I handed off her paperwork and fielded an orthodontist phone call. Then she went to take her test. Then I took mine to renew my license. Yay, I passed! After paying for mine - thankfully, I had some of my kids' money with me as I thought the renewal fee was $4 - ha ha - that's $4 per year, thus $32! - I then got my mug shot and proceeded to wait on Mimi to finish.

I just couldn't tell how she was doing. But when I saw the lady hand her a paper to sign, I knew she had passed! Woo hoo! Uh oh! (insert nervous laugh here) She got her picture done, we got our temporary papers, and we were off! I can't tell you how nervous I was getting into the passenger side!

We ran by the banks and then home. She did well. No major incidents or heart stopping moments. Just a little rusty since her driver's ed was back in April. She's even driven with all the kids in the car (think of two giggling girls and a loud, emotional 4 year old boy). She drove Daddie and Isaac to BJ's in Cary the other night. Her common question now is, "Don't you have some errands to run? I could drive you!"  :)

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