Friday, July 23, 2010


It's been fourteen years since we heard that first cry. Fourteen years sounds so long when think about all that's gone into getting her where she's at today, but when you look at her, it seems so young (and yet so old at the same time). To think of what lies ahead (driver's ed., jobs, perhaps college?, etc.), it seems so exciting, but at the same time, I wonder if she'll be ready. The personal perks for me sound so NICE! To think she could do some of the driving of what's becoming the taxi - ahhh! The idea of her driving all of them to Angier for CYT - an almost free night! 

Getting older yet still a kid who likes to play.

She hadn't decided on what to do for the day by the time I had to leave to take Bugs to his final swim lesson with dear Ms. Molly, so I told her I'd take her out for one of her often requested milk shakes this afternoon. Erynn opted to join us as well. When Daddie came home this afternoon, we opened presents first. 
Her first present was Modge Podge glue & sealer. Ha ha. The look on her face. She thought it was a gag gift until she remembered I'd told her she'd have some assembly required of one of her gifts. Next came the hardware (the round thing-a-ma-jiggies, the necklaces, the stickers/accessories), and then 12 bottles of Crush soda. THEN she knew what it all was. Do you? Ha ha. One of the fads that kids are into now-a-days is bottle cap jewelry. We went into a store after she opened her presents where she showed me some that a lady was selling for $8 (earrings)! All they were was a bottle cap, some hardware and a few beads! But the ones I had seen were turned around & decorated on the inside, so that's what Erynn & I picked up at JoAnn's. Anyway...she also got loads of Justice & Aeropostale clothes, two beach bags, her traditional book & a doll desk. Erynn made her a cool card, and Isaac gave her a nice, big, wet kissie on the lips! :) 

He doesn't quite get the birthday thing, I don't think. He was saying how he wanted one too. I think he means the cake! He told a lady today that his birthday was in "three minutes" and that then he'd be five and headed off to kindergarten! He's so cute to watch when he engages adults. He began the conversation by showing her his flip flops - after he had shown another guy them as well. He truly is an Eddison - not introverted like me.
So after the presents, we went to Gifts With a Heart to check out how they made the earrings and maybe buy some (so she said). She couldn't decide by the time we needed to go, so she said we'll go back this weekend (along with the movie she wants to watch, go swimming, and make more jewelry). Then we went to Olive Garden and Cold Stone - where she treated all to ice cream! 

Back home, I got out my scrapbooking stuff and looked for anything to add to the jewelry, and then the learning process began. We had to figure out which way to line up the thing-a-ma-jiggies for both the necklace and the earrings, punch holes in the bottle caps, wrangle with getting the thing in through the hole(s), and then decorate. (All the while, Isaac is giving us a hard time since he's missing the "party".) Emi made earrings with cherries on them while Erynn made watermelon earrings. Eli opted to make bead jewelry earrings & a necklace. Daddie & I were the ones trying to figure out all the technical stuff!

While at the store, I asked the lady about selling stuff there. It might work out for the girls to sell their stuff there! That would be really cool as we've hit a roadblock on how to sell the stuff since we can't take it to church anymore other than for Speed the Light. I don't know if Craig's List is a good Idea or not...

Well, it's 7:00, and no one's stirred except Eli, so I best take advantage of it and get ready in peace. :) Bugs put up a fight for so long last night, I guess he's worn out!

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