Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wrinkled Raisins

In our quest to try out each of the Y's to see what each is like, we hit Kerr today. Not far from our first appointment, we stopped at Starbuck's to sell some curricula, ate lunch before my blood sugar plummeted since I didn't get breakfast, then on to Justice to buy some birthday gifts, we then hit the Y. Isaac, btw, loved trying on the sunglasses at Justice. He likes that store as much as the girls do!

Since they don't have childcare until after 4:00, we hit the pool. I'd have to say a low score for the family locker room. The kids and I alone pretty much fill up the room! And tricky lockers to figure out. The pool was nice and warm, however. Another low score to not having the same life vests as the other Y's. Boo. I had to strap two of the add-a-board types to Isaac, and they kept riding up so his chin was resting on the front one. It didn't seem to bother him until the end though. A plus to having a decent space to swim in. We swam at least two hours. We were waiting for the play pool to open for Isaac's sake. This part has a slide, buckets and shovels, a drippy pole that you can control the drip by a wheel, and a drop-a-bucket thingie. Chick wasn't too crazy about the last thing, but he liked the wheel and the slide if I caught him.

After that long, however, we all had raisin feet and hands. On to the shower. One shower for 4 of us (Eli had already gotten hers.). One bench. Hmmm...3 bags. Not a lot of room to spread stuff out. But we survived. We got Boogie into child care (nice room!), Emi and Eli went off to rock climb, and Erynn and I got stuck at the desk trying to decide about Isaac more swimming lessons. In the midst of all that, I had "misplaced" our Y cards. Grrr... Finally, to Erynn's relief, we were done. She and I walked on the track. By this time, I was too tired to work out, and I actually sat on the window sill for part of the time, dreading the drive home with 4 hungry children (remember that song???), one of whom hadn't had a nap, and one tired, old mama. True to form, we get on US1 and the traffic is at a standstill. It took us over an hour to get home.

So I can't say Kerr was my favorite. I like Cary's gym the best, but they have no family locker room. Three pools though. Tiny pool locker rooms though. More things to do there though. Decent location.

Holly Springs is nice but small. Not as many machines. Track is not for those balance-challenged like me. They do have an elevator though! :) Only an outdoor pool though. :( This is Eddie's favorite.

Hillsborough is Eli's favorite. Only an indoor pool, but the hours are decent there. Nice family locker rooms! Decent machines. Track another no go for me. Child care for Isaac is nice.

Baileywick. I'm drawing a blank. I'm thinking there was no family locker room. Oh dear. Where did my brain go??? Nice family section in the pool. I know the gym is tiny there. Track is okay as far as it's on ground level, but it's in the same tiny room as the machines.

Isaac is tentative about going in the nursery, but he always gets mad at me for picking him up. Go figure! None of them have great game rooms for Erynn though. :( Poor thing, stuck in the middle.

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