Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Variety

Well, it's 7:44 am, and Eddison has been up since 6:00. Woke up to another "flood" in his bed. He doesn't like to sit in it (who would?), but then he sits on his pillow. Eeewww... So more laundry today. Eddie just left a little bit ago, which is different in itself as he usually heads out about 6:00. He took Erynn to work with him. :o) She was very calmly excited. She dressed up in a skirt, dress sandals and bracelets and all. Poor Boogie, though. He wanted to go too. :o( Made me tear up to see him say, "Okay" when Eddie said not this time. He can be so sweet.

Mimi and YiYi have been gone for a little over a day and a half now. Oddly quiet around here. I do miss my help though! I thought it would be easier going to the library yesterday with only two. Nope. Trying to pick out books for them and keeping him with me was not easy. Then we came home to no nap. Nooo!

Ery, Dude and I went to the mall yesterday. Yet another unusual occurrence. I found out Isaac has my shoe fettish. I went in Rack Room ever hopeful I could find some "dress casual" shoes in my beloved size 11 but narrow size. Why do I get my hopes up???? But Dude was very adamant that he try on shoes. It didn't matter if they were girls, boys, the right size or not! He wanted them and he wanted them now! I did slip a pair of Chucks on him. Cute! But I will not pay the price they want for them nowadays. They're charging double what I bought them for when I was growing up! Okay, the price Granny paid for them...

I've decided to move all the girls' toys downstairs. The play room is officially becoming a school room except for the doll condo. I'm also trying to contain all my mess in there, too. Haven't quite conquered that part yet. Hopefully I can make a large dent in that tonight. I need to get organized for this coming year. We already have the books and each has their own shelf with one shelf for the shared stuff. In the other cabinet, Isaac has his shelf, we still have the art stuff and craft kits plus the science lab stuff I couldn't fit in their lessons cabinet. My stuff is going on the desk. The bad part is now all the stuff I've taken out sits in the kitchen and laundry area until Eddie can take it all down! Poor doggies have to meander through a maze to get to their food.

Here's a pic of Daddie and his Father's Day cake that Elisha made. She researched it all on her own. Emi even made him a present without me saying anything to them to remind them. But did I remember to make him a card? No.... woops! I will defend myself though. I looked into getting him a new phone for Pappy's Day a couple of months ago. So I didn't forget the day; I just forgot the card!

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sweettea said...

Family Fun used icing to make the tie, but I didn't want to waste a container of icing, so I came up with M&M's instead. Or maybe YiYi did...