Friday, February 27, 2009

Latest Sayings of Boogs

Yesterday, Boogs said out of the blue, "Ery, coot (cute); YiYi, coot, MiMi, coot, Mama, coot, Dada, coot, Fovo, coot, Ammeh (Sammy), coot." :o)

One of today's words was "cowguhl" (cowgirl). This was in reference to something Erynn was playing with him. Oh, he also said "gapefoot" (grapefruit) and "appuh" (apple). 

His favorite words are still "eee" (eat), "fi" (fish), "dine" (Einstein video), "joo" (juice), "shoe", "sigh" (outside), "pay" (play), "buh" (book).

We've been to several parks lately. He gets so excited but then seems somewhat overwhelmed by it all. He will go right up to anyone and say, "Hey!" and wave. When it's time to leave, he will turn around, wave, and say, "bye!" He even went up to a lady yesterday, pointed right at her hip and the bench she was sitting on and said, "ch-ehh" (chair). It was so funny. 

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